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    Your Favorite Arena/PVP Memory!

    Just as the title states, what is your favorite memory of Arenas since its conception/pvp

    I have a few...

    Was a PoM/Pyro mage in BC, charged a resto druid, as she threw up her arms to heal I hit the macro and one shotted her (at this time people could read what you shouted and my macro was tied to /yell BOOM IN THE FACE!!!)

    Another would be (still mage), ran into Southshore where 3 horde were trying to grief a friend of mine; I wiped them out before they knew what was going on (All level capped w/ decent pvp gear, at least by BC standards).

    A loss..well...would be the time my team went against 5 Boomkins (that were ran by one person), got moonfired into oblivion.

    What's your guys?
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    In Vanilla. I was a resto shaman heal botting a Tauren warrior from my guild. This is right around when BWL came out and we just downed Nef for the first time on our server and he got Ashkandi.

    We went into WSG to try that beast out. I remember literally 7-8 Ally coming into the flag room while he was holding the flag and whenever Windfury would proc he would basically one shot any of them.

    Some of them were poorly geared and some of them had decent gear. That was the most exciting/satisfying PvP moment in my history of WoW.
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    Most recently ended up in a 3s against an arms warrior, frost death knight, and a healer..I think resto druid? BM hunter (I remember now). We lost. They were 1500 vs our 1340.

    We got them again immediately after. We won. That was a satisfying moment, to learn from where we went wrong the first time, get a second chance, and take down the enemy!

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    Did some arena as disc/enh shaman in tbc. Never got that high, 1,8k or so. Anyways, sl/sl lock and resto druids were the shit, and we met just such a team. Me, being the shaman, tried to kill the druid, but noo, immortal bastard just wouldn't die, so changed to lock and beat the shit out of him. That was fun I was a complete noob, but I do cherish that memory!

    Prot warrior in the 40-44 bracket. I joined an AB already in progress, and before long, I found myself by stables and wanted to take it. Hunter and mage came along, and they tried to kill me, but they couldn't! I killed them both like 3-4 times (they spawned at stables) before five more allies showed up and became my demise It was fun as long as it lasted

    Getting Wrecking Ball on my rogue in cata. I had tried so hard for so long, but the game would either end or I'd run out of cds and die. Then AV happened, which turned into an old-fashioned killfest (which is what bgs should be about, not killing bosses, but w/e) and then I got it! 26-0, I was so happy!

    I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of atm!

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    Probably hitting 2k in 3s for the first time, against a somewhat infamous player (and pals) from our server. Good times.

    Also the dwarf shaman whom I meticulously singled out in Tol Barad Peninsula as a worthy opponent for my 250,000th kill, and pretty much any time I or my partners manage to turn around a 1vsX arena game.

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    At the end of cata, my warrior spell reflected a deep freeze by accident. The enemy mage just sat through it, probably thinking "WTF just happened?!" It was low ratings, just for CP weekly cap, still funny as hell, had a good laugh about it on skype.
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    When they first came out I was in a 1v2 on my rogue and managed to go through the wall somehow. Tornadoes spawned and ended up killing the other team for a win. I thought it was pretty funny the one time I managed to get through the wall by accident.

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    I once killed someone in pvp. I remember it in my deathbed.
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    My first arena match. S4. Double frost mage, me and a buddy got them frozen good, then we Iceconed them in the face. They died instantly.

    After that we lost every single match untill we gave up. :P

    Oh, or this one time it was me, Mage and a rogue and holy paladin against another team, 2 of their guys DCd, and the rogue managed to kill us all. It was hillarious. x)
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    Back in BC did 5s as a warrior with a multiboxing shammy friend we pwned :P In cata i was leveling a hunter with my brother who was lvling a dwarf shammy and we did some bgs, we went into AB and held Lm with no help against about 10 hordes. Most recently, some brutal crits against lesser geared people.
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    It is one of two.

    First day I did arenas I had no clue what I was doing we set up a 5v5 group after two or three 2s matches. We had a guildie that was 2200 to 2400 in 2s and 3s in our group inflating our MMR. It was the old Org map we come up the lift instantly all get shadowcrash stuned and before I targeted a singe person 3 of us were dead. We got wrecked in about 5 seconds.

    The other in a 3s match we faced 2 guys we just kicked out of our raid/guild a tripple dk team destroyed the first one then cc'd the other two dropped a picnic and sat and ate while we chained cc on them. Trade was a qq rage fit from hell from those guys after that.

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    Most recently ended up in a 3s against an arms warrior, frost death knight, and a healer..I think resto druid? BM hunter (I remember now). We lost. They were 1500 vs our 1340.

    We got them again immediately after. We won. That was a satisfying moment, to learn from where we went wrong the first time, get a second chance, and take down the enemy!
    Beating a team that just beat you is great. Even better if you get them a few more times.
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    Lets see now

    - Every single sap I got on my rogue out of a blind, gouge, kick lockout, kidney, smoke bomb etc.

    - The 2.2k WLS we farmed as LSP in s11. We killed them around 9 times and lost once (our Pala DC'ed). We just went on the warlock and blew him up in 10 secs of the game

    - When I got 2.1k in 3s (Don't remember what I faced)

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    - World PvP in Stranglethorn in TBC. Distinctly remember being repeatedly ganked on a leveling alt by 3 70s, logging my rogue and destroying them 3v1.
    - Capping CP a few weeks ago with a friend who was in quest greens/blues vs. a double DPS team. The other team killed him a few seconds and started mocking me (/lol etc.). I popped all my cooldowns and destroyed one of them in a matter of seconds, and managed to grind down the 2nd one. One of them made a char on my server afterwards to rage at me.

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    Randomly winning against 2 kids by myself in 2v2 (my little brothers friends)

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    To a time when these did not ruin my pve experience.

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    In TBC me(a hunter) and a druid friend faced a druid/rouge team, we fought for 40 minutes without anyone getting the upper hand, the match was almost called as a draw. Then out of no where we noticed the rouge's poisons run out and he forgot to refresh them, within a minute we had won the match laughing our asses off.

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    Back in the days when Affenjungs INC was one of the world's best guilds, I queued for 2s with my brother. We went double dps (2 rouges) and we were like the biggest noobs on the planet. Well, gates opened and we saw that we were up against a priest and dk from Affenjungs INC. At first we were like "oh shit" but then for some reason everything clicked. Because of a nice CC chain on the priest, we were able to kill the dk. It took us like 10 minutes to kill the priest after the dk had died, but we won!

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    The zerg to kill sylvanas at the end of TBC. Achievements had just been implemented and faction bosses were already tuned to 80. more than 3 full alliance raids against at least 1 full horde raid and alle the high level adds that spawned during the combat. Took, I think, something around 2 hours to kill her because the server crashed 2 times due to all those people in the room an at least 2 evade resets at low hp. So much fun.

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