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    Sub 2.60 off hand?

    Wondering if this is viable, and if so for what? I see some high rated players using a 2.60 off hand such as this guy: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...posey/advanced. What is the reasoning behind it?

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    This lets him switch to combat. A dagger would be better because of the higher poison proc rate, but it doesn't make a big difference.

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    Harder hitting off-hand auto attacks. On the other hand, you lose poison procs due to the slower attack speed, and your auto attack damage is completely useless anyway. No idea why anyone would use a slow off-hand over a fast one, apart from aesthetic reasons.

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    Harder hitting Shiv!!! But as others said it confers no real benefit (is a disanvantage even) to use a slow offhand as sub.

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    Sub's deadly poison damage may be low enough that it can be worth using a higher item level slow- I don't know. If you can, a 1.8 wlil beat a 2.6 because of deadly.

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    It would need to be significantly higher ilvl (about 20 points) for it to beat out a 1.8 speed wep. We get more damage from the faster poison procs then from the off-hand damage. Off hand damage is reduced by 50% for Sub, and then a further 15 or so % from missing.
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    Less punishing than it would be for assassination (obviously), but it confers no real advantage.

    A tip in analyzing the "good players" out there: take a closer look - armory, click on the teams, and you'll end up at (28%) played games for 3v3 for the team, and (36%) for 5v5. I'm not saying this player is bad, but I don't know if I'd make blanket statements or decisions off 92 games either.

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    Didn't they normalize poison procs so that offhand weapon speed is irreverent now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by norfin View Post
    Didn't they normalize poison procs so that offhand weapon speed is irreverent now?
    Can't say I'm certain, but I don't think so. They normalized Combat Potency, for Combat, allowing you to wield both slow and fast off-hands, while still getting sufficient energy back.

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    I'm pretty sure those players are rocking dual swords in order to show off sweet transmogs rather than actually using them in combat.

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    Harder hitting Shiv!!!
    Shiv does no damage... did you mean the higher AP coefficient increasing the damage of the poison application when you Shiv? But of course Shiv doesn't apply lethal poisons anymore.

    Maybe I'm overanalyzing something meant as a joke though :P

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    Didn't they normalize poison procs so that offhand weapon speed is irreverent now?
    Nope. Deadly Poison deals fixed damage with each attack, ie faster offhand = more poison damage. In fact if it weren't for the fact that your special attacks take the AP multiplier from your MH weapon, Rogues would want two fast weapons (bigger yellow attacks beat out the extra poison damage from a fast MH).

    Honestly the way WoW's DPS is partially but not fully normalised never made any sense to me.
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    I'm assuming we're talking PvP due to the guy armory/gear.

    Poisons proc are a static % - a slow OH will only net less procs.
    Also, less autoattacks. But from my little PvP knowledge, these sources of damage aren't much meaningful (can be totally wrong, beware).

    Combat potency is normalized but Combat only, and i don't see anyone with a brain PvPing as combat, especially with a dagger MH.

    Shive does no damage, hence it cannot be the reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    Making people mad and asking on forums?
    That would be my guess as well.

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    You loose Backstab as well, don't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheerzo View Post
    You loose Backstab as well, don't you?
    For Backstab to work you just need a dagger as your main-hand. The off-hand is irrelevant.

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    The Tooltip just says "Requires Daggers" - Thats weird..

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