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    Unhappy Razorgore Help


    Any warrior managed to solo Razorgore yet post 5.1? I've tried a few times whilst levelling and most recently at level 88. Tried as prot and arms and continue to fail as Razorgore keeps getting bbq'd by mobs despite sleeping as many dragons as possible.

    Anyone that has solo'd this can offer any help please?


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    Spec Second Wind. Drop from your flying mount a few times to get below 35%. Aggro mobs on your path to the instance so you are in combat and don't regen too much, switch to def, enter the instance and start the combat. Mobs will glue to you, sleep the dragonkin that don't and ignore the rest.

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    I used Impending Victory on that Fight...Razorgore dropped in health but I finished the First Phase with around 50% Life on the Boss.

    Just release Razorgore every 30 seconds, use IV on the nearest Mob, then use a few Whirlwinds and control the Boss again.
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    Second Wind. Def stance.

    Control boss, destroy eggs on far platform, when the adds get too numerous, release, kill adds nearby with dragon roar, WW or somesuch, drop mocking banner and retaliation if necessary, recontrol, finish eggs.
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    After they removed the 4 sec cd on burning the eggs this is very easy to solo. Try to make it so that u never have to run far to reach the next egg, lay down a path in your head and try to make the most of the time you have before the mobs overwhelm you. And use the "sleep" on dragons which are attacking razorgore. I have never had to kill any of the mobs and recontroll razorgore.
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    First your path that you use to kill the eggs is most important. Get to 90 its the best way, you can do it before then, but I waited till then and do it every week on my warrior, rogue, and dk. Kill the three adds, grab the orb, you should be on the far end of eggs mroe than likely, spam destroy egg, work your way up the back platform and down you should have 5-6 eggs down before adds spawn, dont use any other ability than destroy egg. Work your way back to the other platform going from left to right . once the first mc is done, kill adds, pick up orb rinse repeat. never have hadd aggro issues. he will get beat on, but I have never had him go less than 30% .

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    having a plan on which way you kill the add is quite important. you should aim for killing all eggs withing two phases of controlling. this is actually the most important part.

    next thing on the list is to get the adds off razorgore and to yourself. some selfhealing should be doing the trick, otherwise they will kill razorgore. a health pot in between the two controls (or a bandage, if no adds are hitting you at the time) should do the trick.

    other than that, it's just a matter of executing it right. I am 475-ish geared with my warrior (at lvl 90), two starshatters normal. basically the adds do no damage to me, so it is quite irrelevant how much are hitting me. I end up at ~90% hp.
    the healing provided by my bloodthirst (~1300?) is enough to get all adds off razorgore. and as said, after the second control, all eggs are down. and I never drop below 90% during the fight. razorgore will and CAN drop, as long as he does not die.

    and I don't bother with sleeping dragonkins or anything like that. more damage always was and always will be the solution to everything in wow (viscidus and essence of souls phase 2 may be the exceptions that prove that rule), and killing the eggs as fast as possible is the solution to this encounter.

    and if you have problems of dying because you are lower level, get yourself a shield, get def stance and spec second wind, as stated above. second wind also should do the trick of getting the mobs off razorgore, even when you are controlling him. so if second wind outheals the damage you take from the adds, the encounter should be a cakewalk, even if you need to control razorgore like 10 times because you screw it up badly.
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    It was actually really easy when I gave up on the idea of killing adds between controlling razorgore, I just go in in prot spec and gear and def stance with second wind. kill the controller and his adds, control the thing and destroy eggs, when control breaks just click the orb again. I had no trouble that way. just make sure you get an efficient path for razorgore and don't ever use his damaging abilities
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    Never tried the second wind thing, will try that next time.

    I usually open with a dragon's roar and start clearing the eggs on the other side of the room (for the first 20'ish seconds I don't have adds spawning). For some reason when you're closer to your character, the mobs tend to drop off Razorgore and head for your character instead (even without second wind healing aggro). Usually I have one or two mobs still on me. If it's survivable in my opinion, I keep destroying eggs in the back of the room (so at a later stage I can keep dancing around my character, losing all mobs I have on me). Occasionally I pop out, do a dragon's roar (insta GG) and MC again. You can also run to your char, then run Razorgore down (jump off the platform) and then dragon's roar, then the mobs that were following Razorgore will also be dead.

    If you find issues staying alive yourself, even with second wind, just stand there in defensive stance.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    I just killed the eggs furthest away first, than moved towards me. As soon as I lose the MC, I gain it again ASAP. EZPZ.

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    Thanks for the tips everyone.

    I finally killed him this evening at level 89 after a few tries. This is far from easy imo and took a few bits of tweaking to the various tips offered here.

    What I did was the following:

    Tried first in arms spec and defensive stance at 35%~ but found I took little to no damage and / or second wind healed me to the 35% mark too quick to continue ticking and therefore wasn't generating enough threat. This led to the usual thing I was experiencing of bunch of ranged mobs turretting Razorgore and he got gibbed. I also had very low success with the mocking banner due to it's relatively short range considering the mobs were all over the place.

    Keeping in mind the tips here about second wind being very important to continue generating threat on you, I decided to go battle stance and take off a few items of gear to put me just under 200k hp - approx 196k I think I was. This had a far greater success and I almost killed it only had bad luck with the mocking banner again.

    Tried once more with the same thing hoping RNG would bunch them together a bit better for the banner and it did and I killed him. Took 3 MC's as I decided to be careful and clean out more mobs with another bladestorm but was worth it. Went on to get 2 pieces of the Tier 2 gear for my transmog including the shoulders - happy days!

    Thanks again for the help and best of luck to others working on it!

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    like people said before, before going in jump off of your flying mount to drop health or just unequip all you gear and put it back on before the pull and specc into second wind, take orb and start destroying eggs on the opposite platform and work your way towards your char. eventually he will have taken enough dmg to be under second wind and get aggro from spawning mobs. You can put random dragons to sleep and when you get closer to the platform with your char on and mind control breaks jump of the platform and put the mocking banner down and run back up to take razegore back over and when he gets some adds here and there just walk near the banner.

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    Had no issues the first time I did it. I even made a mistake at the beginning (Spam clicking the orb, lost me ~9 seconds), and still managed to get to P2. I simply started with the furthest away, coming in, and when the MC broke, I Dragon Roared the adds on me, and continued.

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    Had no issues the first time I did it. I even made a mistake at the beginning (Spam clicking the orb, lost me ~9 seconds), and still managed to get to P2. I simply started with the furthest away, coming in, and when the MC broke, I Dragon Roared the adds on me, and continued.
    Even If I do like this, the god damn Razorgore dies. What am I doing wrong here :E

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    Try removing some gear, sit in defensive stance, and talent for Second Wind. Even w/o the armor from missing gear Defensive Stance should provide enough damage reduction that Second Wind healing will keep you alive. If adds are an issue on your character just stop MCing and spam a few aoes to kill them.

    Also make sure Razorgore isn't near you lest you run the risk of killing him yourself. Another thing to consider is that you can use 1 instant ability while MCing Razorgore before the game tags him as hostile; use the Mocking Banner or Rallying Cry and that should generate aggro. However, if you're slow in re-MCing Razorgore, he will generate aggro on his own from attacking things (stupid Fireball Volley).
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    Quote Originally Posted by suokki View Post
    Even If I do like this, the god damn Razorgore dies. What am I doing wrong here :E
    Honestly IDK. It was close to him dying, but the two o three times I've soloed since 5.1 I simply killed the eggs furthest away, than the ones nearest to the MC orb, and ignored adds 100%.

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    I find the trick is to release him every so often, which somehow makes all the adds on Razorgore go to you except a few which Razorgore can handle for the most part. This seems to work more the closer Razorgore is to you, at least for me. I just do this:

    - Run in, Dragon Roar to kill the initial adds.
    - Take orb, and start with the farthest eggs, particularly on the far platform. Keep going until timer runs out. Should easily kill about 10-12 eggs, maybe more.
    - AOE the adds on me down, take orb again. Keep Razor killing eggs until half the timer runs out, then release him.
    - AOE the adds again, take it again, finish it off.

    Doing this Razor ends the eggs phase for me at around 35-40% health. It is possible to just ignore adds and keep him until timer expires the whole time, but you need to be really quick and somewhat lucky or else you will most likely die to the adds. The first couple times I soloed after they fixed him I did this, but the next 2-3 times Razor died so I had to adjust.

    Honestly Second Wind shouldn't really factor at all unless you don't kill any of the adds and let them build up on you, but it, like any healing in this fight, acts as an aggro magnet so if you really can't do it without it....maybe jump off the balcony outside and get to red health before trying it again.

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    If Razorgore is getting killed, you are taking a terrible path or you aren't putting the dragonkin to sleep. Either way, stop that.

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