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    Trinket problem

    Hi all this maybe a newbish question but im having a problem with using lessons of the darkmaster and The skullrender medallion together ive tried macroing them together for burst ect but it wont let me use them both at the same time,even if i pop 1 before the other i have to wait until either or have cooled down b4 i can use the other hope this makes sense and im probably missing something so obvious help would be much appreciated Must be because they dont stack thats only thing i can think of
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    No on-use trinkets stack. They did in vanilla, mages used it to oneshot people. Removed as TBC kicked in if i remember correctly.

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    Using any on-use trinket/engineering tinker puts others on a brief cooldown to prevent stacking. At this point Tigers cards/decks/str DMC are pretty cheap (5k-10k depending on server); considering that valor upgrades are being removed you may want to consider getting the strength DMC and upgrading it to 484. It's a solid trinket for a fresh 90 and if all you plan on doing is LFR with the occasional normal kill it'll server you through a good chunk of 5.2

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    Thank you for the help guys thought it was something like that

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