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    are their any good guide for demo?

    as the titel says =)

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    Why does no one ever check the posts at the top before posting a thread like this?

    There is already a Demo guide stickied above this.

    Here is the link if you "can't" find it.
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    He asked for a good guide and the sticky is far from it imo! I dont mean to slap on anyones fingers but it havent been updated for over 3 months and have alot of flaws in it.

    And now to the topic question: I havent found any that covers "everything" but i would recommend looking at the posts in the sticky, some of em are good advices(i know checking through 22 pages is abit hnngh but) or check out icy veins demo guide, it covers the basics atleast.
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    That guy who made a destruction vid should make a demo vid

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    Sparkuggz has some pretty good guides. Check the method forums.

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