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    Frost Death Knight Weapon Choice Questions

    From what I have seen around H Starshatter>Normal Shin'ka which makes enough sense. However I recently Switched to dual wield and, while my numbers are fine, I'm not yet at the point where I can comfortably say x>y. Which leads me to the main question
    At the moment I'm using 2 Kilraks (both upgraded+500gem and prismatic socket in one)

    However l now have Heroic Elegion and Heroic Starshatter

    keep in mind I have enough valor to upgrade whatever weapon I choose twice, so basically in terms of dps (My Death knight is sitting at ilvl 497 equipped with the 4 set)

    How would the follwing compare with one another? (Heroic Starshatter) (Normal Kilrak 500str 160str + H Elegion) (Normal Kilrak 500 str 160 str+ Normal Kilrak)

    and if you would be so kind, is there a way in Simcraft to import a character from armory and upgrade the items on "paper" without upgrading them in the game?

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    Import them from AskMrRobot, makes life easier.

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    you do realize that the 500 str gem is unique and only benefits once?

    and for the simcraft one, you can add or change, (not sure, haven't actually done this before) a line for the item import to change its upgrade level, after you've imported from armory
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    Heroic Elegon axe in MH(upgraded), Normal kilrak with gem in offhand is your best 1H weapon setup.

    As for how it compares to heroic Starshatter it will be close and depends on if you want to be DW or 2H (DW more cleave, 2H can have better burst)

    And yeah you can import your char into askmrrobot and upgrade gear and export to sim craft format. That's how I simmed and found that heroic amber shaper MH, normal kilrak offhand is better than heroic amber shaper mh heroic Elegon axe offhand.

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