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    Hey guys,

    I've been wondering how many of you are into Airsoft.
    I myself am a beginner, just recently got myself an RK-02, still thinking what equipment to get.
    Feel free to share your experience and setup.

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    I've been playing for around 7 months now. I use a King Arms M4A1 AEG with a polymer body. I put a 6" RIS, some brand rail covers, EOtech holo sight(not military grade mind you), plain vertical grip, 11.1 Li-Po battery with a PEQ box, Magpul MOE stock, and a 6.03 tight-bore barrel on it. I just ordered a Noveske flash hider/amplifier and a hop-up bucking for it. For my sidearm I have an Elite Force 1911 TAC with a flashlight. Sometimes I also use a Wellfire/TSD MB-06 spring sniper rifle.

    My rig is just a tan Lancer Tactical M4 chest rig and dump pouch with 10 120 rd mid cap mags and an OE Tech quick-draw drop leg holster in black and a rigger's belt for that. I also have a black OE Tech vest with a few pouches on it, but had to purchase the chest rig for Bob vs Tim since Bob's team uses tan.

    Needless to say I've dumped quite a bit of money into it, but I enjoy it so why not.

    As for what equipment to get, that depends on you entirely. There's really no set thing you have to have EXCEPT eye protection of course. I use Pyramex V2G-XP goggles. They are only $20 and give you full-seal protection for your eyes and are really comfortable. You can also get a paintball style helmet if you want full face protection.
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