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    Eternal Avatar 10M <Stormscale EU> 6/6(N)MV 2/6(N)HoF is recruiting

    EA (Horde) is recruiting

    EA is a former 25M hardcore guild known under the name Revelation, set in late vanilla, converted to 10M casual. We're a bunch of friends who have been playing with each other for quite some time now. We're coming back to game after a break and we seek for replacements, so we can continue getting to know the content.

    We are in need of:

    1 Tank: Prot Pala/Warrior
    1 Healer: Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk
    1 Caster DPS: SP or ele shammy

    Our raiding schedule:

    Monday: 19:00 - 23:00
    Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00
    Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00

    What we expect from our members:

    Be social and friendly, have a sense of humor. ^^
    Prepare to wipe. Wipe - Learn the fight - Adapt - Win - that's how it's done.
    It only takes few secs to check up the calendar - know how to use it and use it.
    Speak understendable English and be vocal on vent.

    Apply at: eternal-avatar.wowstead.com

    Or speak to one of our officers in game:

    - Kiyanna
    - Dreadii
    - Gizmø (Guild Leader)
    - Arafaryon (Guild Leader)
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    Watch out the bump approaches!

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    BOOM! Here comes da... BUMP!

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    Bump. In need of 1 healer to fill up our ranks - shammy/monk/drood

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