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    [H] <Reality> EU Kazzak - 10 man 4/16H 16/16N - LF Caster! <2013-01-30>

    Reality 10man guild is reincarnation one of top guild that existed on Magtheridon as 25man raiding called Solace guild until early 2010. With announcement of Cataclysm raiding changes the old friends got back together, chose Kazzak as our new home and created an amazing guild full of family and friends.

    What we ask from you:
    • Mature people only (We operate a 18+ policy)
    • 90% Attendance per month
    • Experienced and Geared Raiders
    • Know your class through the bone
    • Mature attitude towards raiding
    • You are social and have fun with us while we progress
    • You must speak and understand English on vent.
    • When you apply make sure you invest time into it, we will not take you into consideration if you spend 5 minutes doing it with vague answers.

    What we offer you:
    • A stable guild, with a core of real life friends who cleared 6/7h in fireland and 8/8H DS and present progression is all cleared in normal mode and 4/16h
    • A guild formed by mature players from all europe and we speak only english
    • A guild thats highly dedicated to clear all content as soon as possible including heroics.
    • A Flexible raiding schedule with a guaranteed raid spot.
    • We use EPGP system to make fair distrubuition of gear in raid.

    Raiding times (Server Time - GMT+1):
    • Tue 20.30-00.30
    • Wed 20.30-00.30
    • Thu 20.30-00.30

    What we recruit:
    • Warlock
    • Balance Druid

    If you need more information contact in game xtotti, horeb, meshsan, swizzlestick or ask someone from the guild for me. please visit our website www.reality-guild.eu for application or contact xtotti#2339 or s3thus#2406
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    recruitment still open for:
    • Holy Paladin
    • Hunter (!Sporebat is must have!)
    • Shadow Priest
    • Balance Druid

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    we are looking now for 1 healer:
    • Holy Paladin
    • Disc Priest
    • Holy Priest
    • Resto Druid (lowest priority - only if you proved that you are really good)

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    we are looking now for 1 caster damage dealer:
    • Warlock
    • Balance Druid

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    we are still looking for 1 caster damage dealer:
    • Warlock
    • Balance Druid

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    spot still open for either Warlock or Balance Druid

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