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    Go play Tf2, the community there gives a ton of crap towards CoD for being a horrible FPS game.

    Personally I could never play CoD because many of the reasons here (skill cap is to low). Plus all the stereotypes about the average player over there.

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    MW2 and Black Ops were cool, Mw3 was a sin against creation, at this point i'm waiting for respawn entertainment to do something amazing like cod 4 again.
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    I only enjoyed CoD2 and CoD4 but the latest games, i fail to see any difference between MW3 and MW1
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    I don't have a probelm with CoD, I have a problem with every other shooter out there trying to be like Call of Duty.

    I don't want regenerating health (every game out there)

    I don't want Ammo reconned into continuity (Mass Effect 2-3)

    I don't care for killing brown people all the time (most "modern" shooters).

    I'm sick and tired of the "Special Forces" bandwagon. (battlefield, others)

    And seriously fuck waist-high walls (that more Gears of War, but still)

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    Pretty much, first every fps game besides Halo and James Bond were all World War based, then Modern Warfare came out, and Medal of Honor and Battlefield went all like "Oh hey we've got modern gun and vehicles too!" I did however like CoD Modern Warfare for zombie mod multiplayer, and CoD 2 Vet playthrough.

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    everything after modern warfare 1 (with MAYBE the exception of WaW) has been on a steep downward spiral.

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    You guys do know there is a mode called Hardcore?

    No HUD, No Map, No ammo counter, no regenerating health. A couple of shots kill, map only shows when UAV is up.

    Want a skill cap play that, i never touch softcore in a COD game.

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    Here is the thing that may be hard for some people to really accept:

    I can like a game you dislike, that doesn't make it a bad game.

    I have gotten my 60 bucks worth by having over 200 hours of time played (plus campaign) in almost every COD since MW1. That is pretty hard to shake a fist at.

    Maybe you don't like COD. Maybe people kill you too easily. Maybe the graphics only get slightly better if at all. Maybe some things are broken sometimes. Maybe maybe maybe.

    I still have fun for extended periods of time and that is why I buy the damn game.

    Black Ops 2 is the first COD in a long while that is fairly balanced and has an alluring siren call even at over 100 hours played. I don't have to explain why because if you dislike COD already then nothing I say will alter that mentality.

    TLDR: Don't like it? Don't play it. It doesn't mean it's a bad game.

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    I played CoD for a while, and it eventually became very predictable. I split and went to Halo.

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