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    Battle Healer

    I haven't seen anyone ask about this recently.

    News for Holy Pallys-

    5.2 "Glyph of Blessed Life no longer requires Seal of Insight to be active." So will this make Battle Healer more effective if you have Seal of Truth or Seal of Right. Wasnt sure if anyone tried it on the PTR. If the extra holy damage from melee attacks did factor into Battle healer, it would make it worth it.

    Secondly, will <> (2H Spellpower Mace) increase Battle healer as two handers do more damage than 1 handers, I know it's slower, however.

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    Blessed Life has nothing to do with Battle Healer. You still need Seal of Insight for Glyph of Battle Healer.

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    You're confusing Blessed Life and Battle healer, which are two separate glyphs.

    Blessed Life gives you a 50% chance to gain one Holy Power when stunned, feared, or immobilize. This glyph will no longer require Seal of Insight.

    Battle Healer heals allies for 30% of your melee attacks, and will still require Seal of Insight.

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