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    Question [Feral] Macro question.

    So I'm kind of running out of comfortable keybinds to fit Ravage in along with my other spells as a kitty cat.

    What I was wondering was if its possible to make a macro that uses Mangle while out of stealth and uses Ravage while Stealth/Incarnation are active.. Think thats possible or should I try and work something else into a macro form to reduce the number of keybinds I have?

    Thanks for any and all help! :]

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    You can do it for stealth, but not Incarnation. It sucks. :/

    /cast [stealth] Ravage; Mangle

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    Well, let me start by saying that checking if you have a buff and changing what a button is based on that isn't possible. So checking to see if you have incarnation doesn't exactly work. However!

    /cast [mod:shift] Ravage; Mangle
    Should cast ravage if you hold down shift, mangle otherwise.

    That said, let me go ahead and give you some of my macros and see if we can't free up some of those buttons. Feel more than free to change around abilities so you can macro the things you want together.

    If you are in cat form, stealthed, and holding shift, cases pounce. Casts mangle in either cat or bear form, will try to cast nourish if you're in caster form, or mousing over people. (Resto is my offspec)
    /use [form:3,stealth,mod:shift] Pounce; [@mouseover,help,nodead] Nourish; [form:1/3] Mangle; Nourish

    Cooldown macro! Make sure you prepot before pull so potion is up for this, also uses your top trinket, change 13 to 14 if you want to use bottom.
    /use Virmen's Bite
    /cast Nature's Vigil
    /cast Berserk
    /cast Incarnation
    /use 13

    If you arent an engineer, remove the first line which uses glove tinker. Otherwise, uses rip if you're holding down shift in cat form, rake if you arent holding shift, and uses growl if you are in bear form.
    /use [form:3,mod:shift] 10
    /use [form:3,mod:shift] Rip; [form:3] Rake; [form:1] Growl
    And so on.

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    I'd advise using shred over mangle as shred does 20% additional damage (than mangle) on bleeding targets, of course this is entirely up to you but I thought it was worth mentioning. As for the macro you seek, there is one which does exist, allow me to explain. When incarnation is active, the spell you are actually using is not Ravage but rather Ravage! (with an exclamation mark) which you can check in any damage meter such as skada, recount, etc. However, when you're in stealth you are in fact using Ravage (without the exclamation mark)

    As for the macro itself, you can comfortably use
    #showtooltip Shred
    /cast [stealth] Ravage
    /cast [nostealth] Ravage!
    /cast [nostealth] Shred
    This works if you replace Shred with mangle and can also be used in PvP. This is useful for PvP because of the feral 4p set bonus which allows a free Ravage! (with exclamation mark) every 30 seconds and so you can keep shred / ravage! on the same keybind and use up your 4p bonus right away.

    Hope this Helps!

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    Thanks for all of the tips guys! Very helpful information! I will be giving these all a try once I get the chance to play this evening!!

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