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    5.2 Resto Druid Changes

    Am I bad at searching? Or is there no changes for Resto Druid in 5.2 other than 9% less mana for Rejuv?

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    SotF goes from 50% to 70%.

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    And the new overhealing (from rejuv) mushrooms which seems to be capping at 33% of the druids max health per mushroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crysthalica View Post
    SotF goes from 50% to 70%.
    Dono if the tooltip on PTR is wrong or not but on PTR it says 75% and not 70%.

    @Xozat the big changes that are coming are to the mushrooms, mabye more but we don't know yet. It's a early PTR build.

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    Here's the current patch notes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/822..._Live-1_2_2013

    The potentially Resto relevant ones seem to be these (of high relevance bolded):

    Cenarion Ward now grants 100% increased healing.
    Rejuvenation now costs approximately 9% less mana.

    Revive and Mark of the Wild now cost 55% less mana.
    Mass Entanglement now has a 30-second cooldown (was 2 minutes).
    Typhoon now has a 30-second cooldown (was 20 seconds).
    The Treants summoned by Force of Nature now deal more damage and healing, and the Force of Nature tooltip will report the capabilities of these summoned pets.
    Soul of the Forest:Restoration: Now grants 70% Haste on the next spell cast after the Druid casts Swiftmend.
    Nature's Vigil now has a 90-second cooldown (was 3 minutes), and now increases damage and healing done by 10% (was 20%).
    There's also the 'shroom change, but we'll have to see if that goes live. It's potentially pretty handy for improving our efficiency though. I think we're getting some additional flexibility in talents, although we'll have to see if things like CW or Treants become relevant or not. In any case, it's looking like a pretty rosey 5.2 for Resto.

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