So I was thinking right, not sure if this has been mentioned or suggested anywhere, but would the Tier 4 healing abilities, primarily Death Siphon and Conversion, be more useful and/or more interesting in situations, if there was a Glyph that changed them to instead of heal, give 100% absorb up to your health as the cap.

It'd definitely make DKs have much more of a choice between the three as opposed to more or less only having Death Pact, as the ability to be able to ramp up a shield on yourself as a Frost/UH DK with Conversion/DS at will with those spare runes/power and no CD would be quite useful, but you also have the choice to use Death Pact before a large hit. (Also capable of being done with Purgatory, but 3 min CD and only 3 seconds doesn't really line up with much in way of the other two abilities still, as if you've purgatoried, the other two abilities ain't gonna help much)

Just some thought.