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    [Request] Headless HORSEMAN transmog

    Ok, so I was looking for some transmog that goes well with the horseman's helm, and GOD DAMN, it was almost impossible.

    So I started to look around on google and forums, and 99% of the sets I've seen just makes me feel like a broccoli(full green sets), or just don't feel right(Like brutal Gladiator set).

    But they main reason why they disgust: THEY DON'T MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A HORSEMAN. I mean... a horseman transmog should look imposing and clean, but most of the transmogs I found are just full of skulls or brightness.

    Then, after a lot of search, the search, the best thing I could build up was this one

    But still, this one doesnot look... good enough, idk why @[email protected]

    Could some one help with a nice HORSEMAN transmog?

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    So you want to put a head on a headless horseman?
    - sorry, couldn't help it..-

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    I did it already, but something does not look right, and I'm looking for something better... if possible.

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