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    I think we say a lot of things we don't actually mean. "How are you?" for example as I don't really want the person to give a detailed description of how they are actually doing. If someone really wanted to hang out with you they would ask to make specific plans with times and dates.

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    Dont ask if you rly dont want to know. Why even ask "how are you" if you're already expecting a person to answer in a certain way. its like asking retorical already know the answer, so why bother asking???

    I guess i just find human interaction too confusing -.-

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    If it's someone I don't really care all that much for anyway, it doesn't bother me at all. It's more amusing than annoying, since I know they're full of crap when they say it, and they likely do too. Not to mention the fact that, even if they really do mean it, I'm not interested. But if it's somebody that I considered a close friend who's drifting away, or a romantic interest that isn't panning out, then it's rather disheartening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    It's called being polite...

    Being polite != fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbeth View Post
    It's not supposed to be polite, it's just a way of saying "not interested but I still want to keep you around to talk in college and maybe you can sometimes buy me a drink after or help with some assignment". If I just directly told them I wasn't interested in inviting them over (ever) or that I preferred my.. um, "real friends" for that or that they were just nice to talk to sometimes but I wasn't interested in anything further.. Well, they probably wouldn't even talk to me after that or I'd have to do a lot of apologizing later and blame some "mood". It's better to avoid that and just tell the little white lies, I think

    I know it sounds kinda shallow or even bitchy but the truth is, you can only have so many friends you hang out with. Does it mean I should just stop talking to everyone once the limit is reached? Besides, if someone told you "I like talking with you in school to pass the time but don't want to be your friend or anything", how would you feel and could you have a friendly talk with that person again?
    Just stop being so vague and don't say anything to begin with. A "see you" or "bye" when you part is good enough.
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    I'd link a giant "forever alone" face, but memes get you infracted.

    But yea, I've never had that happen to me, for better or worse.

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