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    <Unqualified>[H]Stormrage- Open MoP recruitment.

    Close knit 10 man progression raid guild with zero drama and a great atmosphere. 5/6HC 6/6 4/4.
    3 nights a week: wed sun mon 20.00-23.30

    We are recruiting:
    Blood DK

    HC experience required.
    Apply at www.unqualified.wowstead.com

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    Team is almost set, just looking for a healer willing to re-roll Mistweaver for MoP.
    Previous HC healing experience a must.
    Pre expansion patch teambuilding raiding will require that applicant to heal on their current toon. This will be a vital component for passing trial.

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    The team is currently at 10 players looking for the last 3 to take us to a full team ready for MoP.

    We are raiding a full schedule currently to clear up raid achievements and HC modes from cata as team building.

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    Team now at 11.

    Still on the hunt for a Mistweaver re-roll or a resto druid.
    Ele Shaman would also be nice.

    We are also taking social applications from ex raiders wanting to partake in our healthy Alt raids.

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    Updated first post, now only requiring a Holy Paladin with HC experience.

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    Holy Paladin again required for our core team.

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    Updated for recruitment.
    Spots also open for the 2 day a week raider team and the F25's, the friday 25 man alt and social raid.

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