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    [A] {Ravencrest-EU} <Stormwatch> - 16/16 Normal 4/16HC - 25 Man!

    << Stormwatch >> Guild 25man is needing some class to fill up our roster.Progress 16/16N 4/16H. Raiding Tuesday to Friday at 20h to 23h. We are looking for 1 Warlock, 1 Balance/Resto Druid, 1 Mage.

    Even if your class is not listed we always consider exceptional applications.

    www stormwatch nl - For apply.

    Who are we?
    Stormwatch is a regular guild with good progression and low drama. We suit anyone looking to utilize their skills in end game progression, work as part of a committed and skilled team of players and have some fun whist doing all this.
    Our goal ever since the guild was formed back in Vanilla has always remained the same. Defeat all encounters in current tier progression, but do so while respecting the fact there's an actual person behind each character with a real life.

    What we do... We raid 4 days per week - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, 20:00-23:00.

    What we look for? We won't be going for a huge amount of people with standbys and no raid spots, but aim to recruit people capable of keeping their attendance good, minimum 3/4 and make sure they deserve the raid spot. We are strict but fair with anyone looking to make trouble or who doesn't show respect for the other raiders.

    We require any applicant to have a love for raids and for progress, have a positive attitude and be able to understand ones mistakes, as no one is flawless. Looking at Myst of Pandaria these are the attributes we value the most.

    As a player we expect the following from you:

    Good situational awareness and quick reactions
    Good survivability
    Staying focused and doing what you're supposed to do
    In depth knowledge of your class
    Ability to communicate with others and understand their roles and points of view
    Ability to play more than one spec to a high standard. For pure classes this means switching to whatever spec is optimal for the current progress fight, and for hybrids it means being able to offspec to a high standard (as much as available gear permits).

    As a person we expect the following from you:

    An open mind and a mature attitude
    Fully in control of your raid time and RL
    Want to invest time in raiding
    Able to handle constructive criticism
    able to keep ALL criticism of others constructive
    Attending a minimum 3/4 raids, preferably 4/4
    Stable internet connection

    As loot distribution system we use epgp, so we hope to gear up all equally in a fast pace.

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    Currently 5/16hc 10man, 25man still 4/16hc.

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