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    How much are you enjoying your mage at the moment?

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not enjoying your mage at all and 10 being you are greatly enjoying everything you do on your mage, what would you rate your current level of enjoyment as a mage and why you like/hate the class in its current state?

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    If I go by my knee jerk reactions to the nerfs I would say a like 3-4 would be the score I would give my mage. The nerfs to our shield and frost bomb really put a damper on the fun. I can admit that it was a little over the top but we didn't really need to get nerfed in our shields but whatever I'll take it. After playing a few days though, I realize we are still pretty viable and we're getting closer to the playstyle of expansions past where we just killed through shatter combos. We aren't even that bad off but I guess when the blanket Counterspell nerf hits I'll rethink that. I'd say a 7 or maybe even an 8 would be what I would give it now.

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    I give it a 9 because I am greatly enjoying everything I do on my mage, same as I have since I started playing.

    A mark 10 would be if the PvE rotations had 1-2 more spells that we use on a regular basis. While Arcane and Frost are far from lacking, I'd still like a few more shiny spells to cast. I don't care about Fire, neither for the rotation nor for the damage output so I didn't take it into consideration for this grade. If I had, it would have dropped the overall grade to 7 because for me it's the most boring thing ever and as I said, the damage itself is not really important.

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    As mainly a PVPer on my mage, I am only just satisfied with my mage, so I gave it a 7. Ever since the Frost Bomb nerfs and losing that feeling of being overpowered, I have started to have to try again. QQ

    The mage class has always been an amazingly fun spec. The actual only reason that I voted 7 was because getting interrupted as a mage is the worst feeling in the world.

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    Definitely a 9, don't see it changing any time soon.
    I know how to roll with changes, as long as I'm still playing the same class they don't bother me that much.

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    PvE, Not that much tbh.. hence 6. I have been basicly locked in to 1 spec in raids for the whole expansion. First fire cause it was simply the best spec with all its tricks, then arcane cause while frost was still ok, it is still behind by a mile on everything. And Arcane atm in general is a bit meh for me and if we are forced to go to 1-6 stack ramp up rotation or I need to go frost for progress's sake.. can see myself quitting my mage in t15.

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    It's a 10 for me. I love arcane, I like what they're trying to do with the spec now, and I thoroughly enjoy raiding on my mage as any of the specs, which I've never been able to say before.

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    Voted 8. I have always enjoyed my mage for years, I like the pvp nerfs and I think our burst is still going to be fine because of the rate nether tempest procs BF. I pretty much play frost exclusively and I loveee that I can be competitive with it in PvE. I am kind of burned out on dailies and bgs, but that is related to the content and not the class itself.

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    8/10 Raiding as fire is great fun, except from those seconds during the fight where you have to invocate. God, I hate those self-punishing moments.

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    voted 8. the nerf to fire wasnt justified imo. whould have been fine with them making combustion not spreadable and do half dmg stop at that. Taking away our crit was to much imo.

    as for arcane i think they should make am castable while running.

    and overall i think mages need something new for pvp. not another cc or escape, a self buff. either a shieldwall, or something that makes us cc immune for some time. atm its to easy to lock us down and its to easy to burst us down. Id love it if the changed iceblock to a shieldwall with cc immunity. something like a pain suppression with innerfocus

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    I voted 9. I love my mage and always will. Raiding as arcane is as fun as ever, and PvP as both frost and arcane is even better than in Cata. The only thing keeping it from a perfect ten is that sometimes the shields just aren't enough, particularly in the brawlers guild, as well as my unflinching hope for a battlemage.

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    If i had chance to go back i would definitly back in TBC create something els than mage when i see how they ends. Whole mages mechanics feel so akward now. I loved my mage but now it is most boring calss what i ever played. I just want back wotlk mages where i had over 70% crit chance in my fire gear so rng doesnt exist and nobady complain our dmg was pretty balanced and everyone was happy. But now it seems blizzard have no idea what to do with us. Every nerf buff just seems like it is blind shot. Something like this "oh lets nerf(buff) this and we will see how it will work".

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    I scored it a 3, I'm finding it so bloody boring to play Arcane (scorch weaving) I really regret rerolling from my main since pre tbc >end of Cata Rogue.

    Although maybe I am just bored with the game finally as I only log on for raids now I don't even bother doing any dailies or anything.

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    It is fine, just like when I started playing. I press buttons and spells are cast. Also things die after I chaincast nukes at them for a minute, other classes can get the job done faster or better but I am a master of magic *I* have the only CC that heals and does it better than most healers, that fills me with pride even if I am inferior in every regard to a drooling vegetable...

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    Gave a 6 as I was and still am really dissapointed with the tier 6 talents and I don't feel like mages have been 'revamped' in a way that all other classes have seemed to be. I know mages have been really good in the dps rankings, maybe i should say fire mages , but i'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the diversity/variation and (graphical) spell innovations. We haven't seen much of these changes for the mage class.

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    Not many classes who weren't Warlocks were significantly revamped by MoP

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    I am thoroughly enjoying my mage. Ive never disliked it since I started playing it. I would have to give my mage main an 8

    Like - what Ive always liked about my mage PLUS alter time is a lot of fun and can be quite useful for extending buffs and for retriggering procs. I also really like that frost is viable in PvE as Ive always enjoyed the spec but it wasnt quite up to snuff in terms of PvE damage. Now it is and Im loving it. With the exception of one or two fights, I have played frost for every second of Mists so far.

    Dislike - Arcane feels clunky to me and I really dont like the spec. Also, the level 90 talents are really boring and uninspired. They seem like after thoughts to me especially if you compare them to other classes' level 90 talents.

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    Gave it a 5. No issue with the nerfs, just 90 talents, while I have no issue using them, I just dislike them and they detract from the fun factor. I enjoy all specs, even Arcane which is unusual, it just seems to have lost its fun factor over time.
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    arcane right now is simply brilliant. loving the whole dynamic rotation about it id give it a 9. in oceanic now Lol

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