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    Stormstrike (Mal'Ganis) Hero of Horde cutoff!

    Hi I know there is no way to truly know what the hero of the horde cutoff is this season but if im at 2428 CR do I have a solid chance at getting it? Thanks for your feedback! And im on Stormstrike battlegroup, I believe last seasons cutoff was 2350 for Hero! Season ends in a few weeks when 5.2 hits!

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    With the mass amount of wintraders this season I wouldn't bet your firstborn on it, but there's a decent chance.


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    I think you'll have a decent chance once all the wintraders and exploiters are filtered out.

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    Hah saw someone with 14 wins and 3 losses or something at 3k+ rbg rating on the list. Can't remember what realm.

    Looks legit right?

    EDIT: a couple of those morons are from my realm too...can't wait to report them tomorrow.
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