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    Looking to have fun in some low lvl bgs.....

    Hello all, i got some free time coming up, and im wanting to mess around with low lvl BGs basically 10-50ish. And im just curious right now what class would dominate better. A warrior or a priest. Will have all heirlooms. Ty in advance

    Side note. if u have a better suggestion for a class just say. I have all the heirlooms for leather cloth and plate. but dont wanna play a rogue or druid.

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    I would go as disc priest for lowest lvls anyway. Still pretty good dps while VERY hard to kill.
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    thats my biggest worry as a disc priest is how often i can be on the attack and for it to actually do something. About what lvl does that priest dps go away as disc?

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    Disc priests are awesome. You can do good damage and the damage will heal yourself for 50% of the damage done or an ally for 100%, at level 38 that is. But if you're teaming is being slaughtered you should probably weave in some shields/hots and perhaps some bigger healers before starting to dps again.
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