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    Doomguard it's fixed on Elegon Hc?

    I'm lazy( don't wanna risky loosing dps) and I didn't try using Doomguard on Elegon HC.

    Atm I'm using Infernal on adds phase outside platform, I'm doing soooo less damage with Infernal. Dunno if was only Doomguard that is/was bugged or both guardians.

    So everytime I pop Infernal I pop him clueless, and doing awful damage with him, should I pop Infernal inside platform in all adds are together or should I use Doomguard( if it was been fixed)?

    I'm asking that coz I didnt saw any blue post about this matter.

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    Try using your doomguard for the pillars,...that's about all it's good for on this fight unfortunately :/

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    Use it either to the pillars or just use Infernal instead on 2nd phase when all adds are up.
    Pillars wont be up for very long so.

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