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    Levelling through PvP


    I've never really done pvp below max level and have basically challenged myself to level a character purely through BGs. I've got a lot of alts, everything 80+ with everything but rogue and mage something I have raided on at some point. Previously for pvp I've mainly been disc priest or ret pala.

    I am open for trying anything though - I have most heirlooms, and anything I don't have I can buy. So, what class do people think would be most suitable for me in terms of having fun/being consistently strong etc?

    Anything else you need/want to know just say

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    Choosing a class to play is a personal decision. While some are stronger in some respects than others, it's too subjective. On the topic of fun, the same thing applies. What is fun for you is not necessarily fun for someone else.

    These kind of threads aren't allowed here. The decision is for you to make, alone.

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