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    Bloodthirsty titled player here. Sounds like you are a contributor to the problem. Played on both horde and alliance sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    I have been playing since Dec 2005. In addition, I am Justicar (exalted with numerous battlegrounds) and "Of The Alliance" which means over 250k kills.
    Of the Alliance is only 100k kills, and it's entirely besides the point. Your whole mentality is probably the reason you have such a horrible win/loss ratio as you openly admit you don't even bother. So the rest is carrying your dead weight around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relicra View Post
    OP is clearly a moron. I'm so sick of seeing people whine about faction wins/loses. People who do this lose because they are bad and can't make an impact on a BG, any decent player can shine in random BGs and carry a team but instead so many just blame the team and give up.
    Isle of conquest isn't even a problem if you don't want people driving glaives then grab them yourself it's not that hard.
    And the reason only RBG carriers probably advertise on your realm is because people who actively seek RBG groups look on hot spot realms like tich/illidan/darkspear etc on US. And people who actively RBG form groups and communities exactly the same as you describe from vanilla, that is what real-id and battletags are for.
    Your arena statement is dumb because the same imbalances carry over to battlegrounds anyway.
    And finally shadow meld is an amazing pvp racial which you can use to dodge CCs and use for restealths on stealth classes as well as for things like dropping combat for drinks/eating things like that. Use your brain(if you have one).

    Oh and pointing out that you are a veteran is retarded and just shows you haven't learned and evolved with the game and no one cares what your opinion as a vanilla player is. (And yes I have played since just after launch)
    It's amazing that one has to argue with people like this on a public forum.

    You cannot eat and drink while shadowmelded and eating and drinking during the shadowmeld itself puts you out of it. In addition, shadowmelding does not put you out of combat in PvP. Your arguing for the contrary just shows how intelligent you are, and just how much of a clue you have for what you are talking about.
    Veteran vanilla player - I was 31 back in 2005 when I started playing WoW - Nostalrius raider with a top raid guild.

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    Can't tell if this Sturmbringe guy is a troll or just completely and utterly retarded..

    So, you never did any actual rated PVP, you sought out private servers and you think Shadowmeld isnt a PVP racial.

    Gtfo, you've screwed your name over too much already

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    @OP Take your crying elswere. Judging by your pathetic comments you are either a troll or plain and simple fail.
    Oh. Don't forget to close the door on your way out.

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    The level of vitriol is unacceptable. Flaming anyone is not tolerated here. All of you who participated have been infracted and this thread is closed.

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