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    Telephone cables as opposed to ethernet cables.

    So, I moved into my new apartment (for school) and found out that the jack in the wall is too small for an ethernet cable, so I use wireless. I'm having lag issues and hoping that it's wireless only and maybe I can just buy a telephone cord and plug it in to my motherboard for a direct connection. My question is are there any big differences in telephone cables and it should be able to fit into an Asus P8Z77-V LK mobo right?

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    A telephone cable wont fit.
    A telephone cable is 4 cables and uses a RJ11 connector.
    An Ethernet cable is 8 cables and uses a RJ45 connector.
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    I was afraid of that. Looks I'm just stuck with wireless then.

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    where do you get your wireless from then? If you have a wireless router, just take a cable from it to the pc?

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    Your university wireless should be fast as f

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    what kind of apartment is it? it is university owned? is it seperate? can you get cable so you can get internet via coax? do you have a wireless modem in your apartment? is the wireless just managed by your apartment?

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    Your university wireless should be fast as f
    download speeds may be fast, but latency is much more important in games. wireless has higher latency.

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