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    Making a new account?

    Recently I had a thread about re-joining, and I think I might join and give WoW a 2nd try.

    but I have a question,

    For Private reasons, if I wish to make a new account, do I have to use credit card, or can I just begin a new account with 60-day gameplay time cards and continue using those as a method of payment?

    or must I use an existing account and use 60-day gameplay time cards on them?

    Thanks for your answers, have a nice day.
    Howay the lads!

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    No, you do not need a credit/debit card.
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    Sure you could. I have used nothing but 60 day cards and the 30 day "cards" from the blizstore using gift cards to buy. Also I'm fairly sure you could just set up a new account and do it that way. Guildy of mine has two accounts but not linked via battle.net and all that jazz.

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    thanks for your good question, my need is asked but i get easy answer.

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