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    I have a situation here therefore I need your advice.

    I'm Sooraj Kumar, 18 years from India. I have been learning Kick Boxing for past 3 months in All India Pro Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy and my master is the President of Kickboxing association of India. Once I got into Kickboxing i developed a interest into it and every time I practice im getting deeply focused into it. And now I want to participate in Kickboxing tournaments once my Kickboxing coarse is complete. My parents have already told me to not to participate into fights, my girlfriend is advincing the same thing. They keep telling me that its risky, you might get severely hurt, injured etc. And i know that clearly and im still willing to take risk.

    However my focus on life is not to become a kickboxing champion. I'm an MBA student and want to become an entrepreneur. I just want to participate in couple of tournaments to get satisfied get some medals and trophies etc. At first when i began pursuing Kickboxing my intention was to learn a martial art, self defense, and to get into a good exercise but ever since I got into tournaments the way i used perceive has been changed.

    And friends, this is India and here parents always dominate their kids even if they become adults. How can I convince my Parents & Girlfriend. Or do you think since my ambition is totally different is it pointless to participate in tournaments. For the record till now i never had any tournament experience but I watched tons of Kickboxing matches in Stadiums. I need your help on this. Give me your opinions.

    Thanks in advance for your info.

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