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    [A] Mega Mates (10) - 4d/w - 8/16 HC (Sylvanas)

    <Mega Mates> is an Alliance 10 man guild on Sylvanas-EU.

    We are currently recruiting:
    1x DPS (Moonkin, Warrior, Shaman)

    All exceptional applicants will be considered.

    Raiding Times

    Wednesday 20:00-00:00
    Thursday 20:00-00:00
    Sunday 20:00-00:00
    Monday 20:00-00:00

    What We Expect

    <Mega Mates> was formed from a number of like-minded players all with top #200 raiding experience.
    We expect our recruits to know their class, be gemmed and enchanted fully and have optimal reforging on their gear. We are a drama free environment which expects dedication and a 'get the job done' attitude from it's players. Our aim is to improve our world and guild ranking and make a name for ourselves.

    We plan to immediately start with Heroics next week and quickly ascend the ranks with these.

    Guild Member Achievements
    - Sunwell clear pre 3.0
    - Realm First! On all WoTLK kills.
    - Invincibles Reins/Mimirons Head
    - All Glory of the Raider metas, including Black and Plagued drakes.

    Miscellaneous Information

    New recruits will sit in a trial rank until decided otherwise; by a majority vote from the core raiders in the guild. Our loot system is pure common sense, we distribute loot via loot council and who needs/deserves loot the most.

    If the above interests you, please feel free to contact Jambert, Lina or Aroria in-game. Or visit our site at megamates.eu

    Kind Regards
    Mega Mates

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    up this goes. looking for a warrior, shaman or owl (all plate / leather loot goes out for OS right now )

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    up up and away *woosh woosh*

    Still need a DPS

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