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    (H) - Priest Healer & DPS Warrior LF Raiding Guild

    We are a disc/holy priest and a fury/prot warrior (potentially with a BM/surv hunter as well) looking for a 10 or 25 man raiding guild, up to three nights per week, sometime between the hours of 8-11:30 pm EST. Willing to server transfer.

    We've all been playing between 7-8 years and while we have currently only raided normal mode 10 man in Cata/MoP, have considerable previous 25 man HM raiding experience in WoTLK, casual raiding experience in BC, with the warrior also having Vanilla raiding experience.

    Please PM me on MMO-C forums (or add Harmony#1997 Battletag in game) for more information or if you're interested in speaking with me.

    Thank you.

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    <Transcended> is previously a top 10 US guild.

    We're not a struggling 25man that is falling apart, we are two solid 10mans that merged and are putting every effort forth to recruit the last spots we need and push 25's. We have room in our raid for 2-4 more solid players and I'm hoping you will be one of them.

    We raid Monday-Thursday 7pm CST until 11pm CST every week.

    Our current progression is 5/16 heroic.

    We have a well rounded, very strong team, and expect to kick ass in 5.2 progression. We have 2-4 available positions and are looking for skilled, committed, and aware players to apply and join our ranks.

    Apply at: http://transcended.us

    You can ask direct questions via battle.net id Sorn#1802

    You may also contact JS or Gangels in-game on Blackhand-US server, horde side.


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