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    Not a dk here, but that was god damn epic, laughed heartily!
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    I was leveling my DK in MoP (as blood of course) and a demo lock insisted on trying to kill me multiple times. I dark Sim'd some fears and stuff, but my best one was coincidentally our last bout. He hadn't had much luck with me in the other attempts, so he thought that his doom guard would level the playing field. but what he didn't realize was that I had Dark Sim up on him at the time. Needless to say, my own Doomguard didn't do much damage, but it was still fun to imagine his reaction.

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    Possibly the funniest thing ive darked sim so far was actually by mistake and even then i was like wtf how was that even possible mainly considering it wasnt a mana user: So in Strands one night bg'ing as usual i was trailing a cpl demo's just dps'ing away all the while with a frost mage doing his best attempts at keeping me slowed,i had him on focus and after the first cpl of slows i was expecting a sheep coming next and took a chance on dark simming his poly to stay on the demos,well a mistake of hitting a wrong keybind and instead of putting dark sim on the mage i put it on the demo...and sunofabitch i stole the ability it uses to catapault the rock at the this day its one of the strangest things ive had happen in pvp,so when your bored in bgs sometime dark sim a demo for the lulz.
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    haha,very nice. would have loved to seen that mages reaction

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    Lol, awesome vid!

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    That was pretty much amazing!

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    Nicely done young zybakster
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