Sacrament is a 10 man English-speaking raiding guild on Silvermoon and is currently recruiting the following classes for our Throne of Thunder normal progression:

DPS (Pref: Warlock, Mage)
Healer (Pref: Paladin, Monk)

Current progress:
16/16N, 2/6 MVHC tier 14 (pre 5.2)
4/12 ToT Normal

We are currently progressing on Magaera and have come inches within a kill. We expect this boss to be down by Monday.

Any applicants are required to have a similar progress to us, and a crystal-clear knowledge of the first 6 bosses.

Raid days:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 20:30 - 22:30, we start earlier if everyone is online (As early as 20:00).

If interested, please respond via this thread, or you can apply directly to our website through the forums: www .sacrament.shivtr. com

If you would like to contact us in-game, whisper myself, Obsolus, Lucreciae or Suppression to answer any questions you may have.