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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantabi View Post a healer it's frustrating to heal people that are still building up their gears in HC, and after all that hard work you don't even get loots, it's like boosting people for free :P ( well for mere 80 valour points )

    I never vote kick good players with good gears, even if they make it hard for the tank to keep aggro. I don't care how we get through the instance, as longer as its fast and good geared people bring good dps. ( most of the time )

    On the off note, the last time I was kicked was in cata while healing ZG. Got kicked after the 6th wipe...only just started learning how to heal as a Druid and that was one mucked up dungeon, and Druid healers were in a bad position in cata this day I still haven't completed it :P
    I actually managed better on my Druid than my other healers in ZG. First time there was on my Druid and I had a pretty average/decent group and never really went low on mana. Maybe you were really at fault.
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    I'm guessing he got kicked because he rolled Need on something he no longer had any need for.
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