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    <A> Judgement seeking Heroic Raiders

    We are an adult progression raiding guild residing on Antonidas Server. We are always open to applications from all classes. The Guild Master's philosophy on recruitment is Provide raids for our members, not Recruit members for our raids. We are currently looking for Heroic boss experienced players to join our ranks and help us step up our game. If you are tired of always having to look under every rock to find competant players at the end of each expansion once they have all cancelled thier accounts awaiting new content then why not give us a try? We raid even once all the content is down. You will always have something to do in Judgement.

    We were one of only seven Alliance guilds on our server to complete Heroic Dragon Soul tier without relying on the aid of more progressed guilds prior to the 35% nerf and new talents and are now actively raiding the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Our goal in this expansion will be to remain top ten on Antonidas while moving forwards towards the U.S. 2500 or better position halving our current 5000ish standing on the way to higher rankings. Please join us as we continue to progress in our steady drama free adult raid teams.

    We host raids during the following times.

    Tues-Thurs 5-8pm
    Tues-Thurs 8-11pm
    Sat-Sun 10am to 1pm

    All times being server or PST. We also keep our eyes open to form new teams based on the needs of the current population of the guid at any given time.

    Current 16/16 players will be given paid transfer consideration depending on class and fit with the guild. Full clear heroic players will be offered paid transfer to our server and then back to the server of their choice once our guild progress is met. We have offered this in the past and met some stellar players who have become our lifetime freinds in the past.

    We are one of the oldest guilds left on our server with a solid history of completing content and working to improve upon our flaws as we move ahead each expansion.

    If you are interested in supporting us please feel free to drop our GM a line at the guild e-mail address of

    [email protected]

    or pop in our mumble for a quick chat at


    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Great Raiding

    Founder of Judgement EST B.C.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    With speculation of an upcoming buff for the 25 man raid format which could possibly make it the more challenging and premier format once more we are looking to increase our roster of solid players in order to make the change back to a larger format should it once again provide incentive worth doing so.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    We welcome indiscrete and wife to our team. Very solid players.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    After one night of sub 20% wipes we downed Wind lord tonight in five pulls. On to Amber shaper tomorrow.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Still looking for some more solid players.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Current Primary need is one Holy Paladin.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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