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    While I don't main raid as Ret, I still set up an Inquisition weakaura for LFR. It's just an icon that's to the right of my character that has a timer on it, which stacks on top of other buff timers when they come and go (Avenging Wrath, Heroism, etc). I don't have too much of a problem tracking it where it is, since it's so close to my toon that I can keep an eye on my environment while I watch it, and I also watch other buffs in the same spot with my other toons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emil93W View Post
    weakauras mejt

    you can do pretty much anything with it
    I...I think im in love with your Ui setup.

    On another note: WeakAuras.

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    With my eyes, it isn't that hard to remember the timing when you've been playing ret since they added it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    I'm a lazy retadin (it's my OS) so I just made a castsequence macro pinning Inquisition to Templar's Verdict.

    It refreshes itself with 4-8 seconds left on cast that way, not optimal by a longshot but a lot less fiddly than addons or having to watch my buffs.

    Hooray for lazy rotations!
    Am I seriously the only one who does this...

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    I've been doing my rotation for that long that Inquisition just feels natural to renew, but aside from that I glance at the buffs above my Player Frame which is on the bottom left of my screen thanks to ElvUI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko93 View Post
    I...I think im in love with your Ui setup.

    On another note: WeakAuras.
    Right? I'm so jealous of his UI setup. But I have such disdain for elvui when I try it that I can't bring myself to trying to recreate it :/
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    weak auras and the inq buff is enlarged right next to my toon. i'm blind as a bat so its pretty large.

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    Weak Auras.

    Picture of flaming skull with a timer next to it, fuck yeah!

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