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    Does Camo work as a substitute for Invis Pots?

    Went into Shado-Pan the other day (first cm run). We used pots to skip the trash just before the bridge, like I think most people do. One time, however, my potion was off-sync from the others for some reason, and they started running. I just hit camo and followed, and was able to make it through. My question is: Does this always work? Tried it a second time, and I think I pulled aggro pre-camo and died.

    This was unglyphed btw.

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    Sometimes, not really. You generally want to camo out of the invis if you are behind or using the cheaper pots.

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    Camo just reduces your proximity threat range, it doesn't eliminate it entirely like invis does. You can't just walk through mobs with it, you'd have to hug walls and keep distance from them. Invis'd people will probably walk right through because not only can they not pull aggro but they can't even see the mobs. Basically when it comes to threat and NPCS, Camo is very similar to stealth, even while moving. Rogues can't walk right through mobs either. Invisibility effects work differently.

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    Okay... so if used more carefully it can be a substitute, but it's much easier to screw up.

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    It can do, but only if there's enough room. I only used invis pots in TotJS when doing gold runs. Rest of the time I used camo so I had a dps pot available.

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    It does not work exactly the same as invisibility pots.

    You have invisibility: Only mobs with invisibility Detection can find you, otherwise you can walk through any mobs.
    You have stealth: Rogues/Feral's or with glyphed Camouflag. You cant walk through any mobs w/o being detected.
    You have camouflag: You just have desincreased aggro radius.

    From Shado pan 2nd Boss till 3rd Boss Camouflag is fine.
    From Mogu Palace 1st Boss till 2nd Boss Camouflag is >not< fine. You have to glyph it.

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    Did all challenge modes on my hunter and almost never used pots, only exception was MSP.

    If you use camo carefully it will do the job, that way you will have normal pots to boost your dps a bit, the one thing you REALLY need to watch out for is being in combat so if anyone (in my case blood worms kept getting me out) gets into combat while you are running close with camo you will get attacked instantly, otherwise if you dont run straight through a pack it will work, also in some tricky spots you can always stay a few yards behind and deterrence/feign death in case you get attacked.

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