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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    Not really, i think in the past there were even more kids that had that type of situation, but now we have internet and the information go everywhere and don't stay in a small place
    Example, sitting in a restaurant and kids are just running around and parents just condoning it.

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    Mostly harmless
    I hated kids when I was a kid>.>
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    I think most people (including myself sometimes) use the term "hate" too loosely. When I say "I hate kids" (which I have been known to say before) what i really mean is "I would prefer, if at all possible, to not be around kids". Simply because I am a single male and have no interest in being around a child. I have a nephew, and he's fine in small doses, but after a while even he gets on my nerves. In closing, kids are fine, as long as I can't see/hear/smell them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    Example, sitting in a restaurant and kids are just running around and parents just condoning it.
    Yeah, but you shouldn't hate the kids for that, they don't know better because their parents are dumbasses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daneman View Post
    Says someone who named himself tomatketchup. There's gotta be something wrong with someone who name themselves that.

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    The worst thing about babies...... being in the same train cart or aircraft compartment with them. The screams drives me mad.

    I don't mind kids tho, as long as they have some shred of knowledge about how to behave in public places. I've met some who don't have even that......not fun.

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    I mean, I see people on these forums talking about kids and babys like they are sent from Hell to make their lives miserable.
    I am a teacher in training and honestly wtf is wrong with people saying such bad stuff about children. :O
    I dislike children. But I try not to show it to them, b/c it's not their fault.
    It's their voices. I'm not entirely sure if it's frequency or amplitude (probably both), but it just hurts my ears.

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    Sometimes kids can be extremely annoying because they often don't do as they're told.

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    In the beginning it's just that it is an overwhelming, never ending hassle that you have to deal with. Around 5-11 they become very curious, which can be both good and bad depending on what exactly the kid is wanting to try and how they go about asking you. 12-18, mostly 14-17, their hormones and desire for free will are raging and it becomes annoying to control them. I don't have kids as I'm only 18, but I've grown up seeing my younger cousins grow up and it just seems to be how they all go. Currently have cousins at the age 17,14,7, and 1 1/2. I think I want to have at least one kid as it's worth it in the end, but I would really hate to have twins, or worse triplets, at the same time. That just sounds miserable.

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    I was under impression people hate taking care of kids, specialy babies (till about 2yo), not hate kids themselves. ( i don't know if i made my self clear). I find babies annoying but have no problem with them later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Yeah, but you shouldn't hate the kids for that, they don't know better because their parents are dumbasses.
    My hatred of the children is mostly based off of hatred for the parents.

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    Once being a kid doesn't mean everyone should somehow like them. I think 90% of teenagers are awful. Having been one doesn't change that because I was one of the awful ones.

    Most people don't like kids because when they notice them they're screaming and being monsters. If they aren' generally don't notice them. I would rather never be around kids, even amazing kids, than have to sometimes be around the bad ones.

    Not everyone has the nurturing trait and not everyone likes kids.

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    1. Internet people don't have lives other than the computer so they are socially akward.
    2. Socially akward people can't handle puberty.

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    I don't hate kids, I hate the parents for failing at raising a kid properly.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Having been a child is exactly the reason why dislike towards children is justified.
    things worked out better than we had planned • now everything's ruined, yeah

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    I don't really hate children unless they're really loud, or not well behaved. But teenagers... oh god, they're another story. Even when I was a teenager I couldn't stand being around most of them and would rather have had older friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    Diarrhea is generally unpleasant. Being a kid is not.
    Maybe it's not unpleasant for the kid but for everyone else that has to be around them it's quite a different story. I think I would rather have diarrhea for the rest of my life then have to be around some little brat for the rest of my life.

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    Hate's a strong word. It's nothing personal, they're just annoying. I don't like feeling annoyed.

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    I'm disappointed, I was hoping this would be a "Why do liberals hate kids?" thread :/

    OT: I doubt anyone who haven't had kids would ever enjoy having one as fulltime job. I know I adore children but after 4h or something the yelling, adventures, can be a tad too much
    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Let's keep this on track. This has nothing to do with breasts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    Dude we are a world leader in refugee intake. You need to get your facts straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    You were a kid too you know.
    That is what everyone is afraid of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regennis View Post
    Kids are awesome at certain ages. Other ages they really suck lol
    ^^ Exactly. Babies are the ugliest creatures on the planet imo. But a room full of 5th graders come up with the coolest stories and ideas.

    Also really depends on their family situations. There is a huge difference between a brat raised without adequate attention or punishment, and a kid that has a full support group of extended family along with a working knowledge of the difference between right and wrong / how to get attention appropriately.

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