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    Nike+ watch and ipod sensor

    So fellow gamers and health folks I have come for idea on how to solve my problem.

    Im a minimalist runner and I just received the Nike+/ipod sensor combo. My problem is i have no where to place the sensor- i can not place it in my shoes because i almost have no bottom on them. Its about an inch or so big and round on one side.

    Any solutions?

    carrying it on my body is not an option it must go in/on/smushed shoe for accurate gps signal

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    The Nike Frees are pretty minimalist and they have a spot for the sensor. The Nike Free 3.0 is their thinnest shoe. When I was running a lot I used THIS on my non-nike shoes. It worked pretty well but it was just a pain to get it started/linked sometimes. It cost like $4-5 at my local sports shop.

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