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    Hurt Knee

    So yesterday I was playing dodgeball in gym(dominated) and while I was making an epic dodge, I smashed my knee on the basketball floor. At the time I felt a sharp pain that lingered for about 10 minutes after hitting it. Now with it being over a day later, it still is red(I know it takes time to heal) and when even the slightest thing touches it, I feel a shock of pain. I also do not have any pain walking or when I move it. Does anyone have any suggestions for home remedies that will help it heal faster?

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    I'm really sorry but MMO-C really isn't a forum for this kind of thing. You should really see a Doctor.

    But, since I am an unqualified Doctor, I'll try to help. What you want to do is put some ice on it and keep it iced up to reduce the (probable) swelling.

    I really can't say anything else or you might decide it's fine while it may not be. Use your discretion if you think it'll get better and you don't need a Doctor; but if it doesn't then you should really go to a Doctor to get some X Rays and make sure it's really okay. (You should get those X Rays even if you think it's fine, if you can afford it.)

    Edit: Oh, and next time post a picture if you can.
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    Well it didn't seem like a major issue so I thought I could just see if there were any home remedies to increase my recovery time. If it does seem to get worse, I would definitely go to a doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahine View Post
    When even the slightest thing touches it, I feel a shock of pain.
    That to me would constitute a major issue. Seriously, go see a doctor!

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    I would hazard a guess that you just have a hell of a bruise. If it is swollen then keep it elevated and ice it every few hours for 5-15 minutes, keep a hand towel or something similar between your skin and the ice to avoid freezing your skin. If that doesn't help or it gets worse then you should probably see a doctor.
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    Locking this. The best advice that can be given has been given.

    See your doctor as soon as possible.

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