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    Heroic Amber Shaper 10 man Strat

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if I can get some help on how to approach H Amber Shaper strategically in 10 man mode. I've been watching various kill videos of 10 and 25 and it seems there are many different approaches to this fight and I can't seem to find out which is best for my guild. I have 2 main concerns:

    1) Drinking Pools: What's the best way to do this? We started by having the tank reshapes in P1 to drink every single of the 4 pools that come out. This resulted in very tight timings where DPS could kill the construct in time right before the next reshape life. However, I've seen other guilds delay the drinking until P2 and I'm not sure why. Furthermore, what's a good approach for the pool drinking in P2 when the DPS are turned into constructs? It seems like DPS on monstrosity would be very tight if we had our DPS drink 3-4 pools every time.

    2) The Amber Strike Debuff: During P2 who should the constructs focus on Amber Striking? Obviously we want to be interrupting the Monstrosity's explosion with Amber Strike, but should we focus on building stacks on Monstrosity, Amber Shaper, or both? We were aiming for putting the debuff on both the boss and monstrosity this way we could burn the eventual P3 much faster, but although this seems theoretically correct, I question the practicability of it. I'm more inclined to either solely focus the strikes (excluding the interrupt) on either Amber shaper or the monstrosity.

    I would really appreciate it if someone with experience could lend a helping hand. Thank you.

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    if your raid has tons of derfs but good tanks. Use the perm construct. If your dps is good and coordination is there use the new "p1 kill strat' where you stack the buffs to 50 in p1 burn the boss at the combined scalpel reshape burn boss to 15% then do p2 normally. if everyone is godly then do it where everyone has to keep stacks on both bosses.

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    Sorry, I didn't really understand your post momirmaster. But with respect to that burn strat, I think we'd just rather handle the fight normally. Besides, I thought that was hotfixed?

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    you can't kill it before you kill the monstrosity anymore, but if you have the boss down to 10% phase 3 isn't going to be an issue.

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    What we do:
    P1 tanks drink 3 pools each.
    P2 first reshape drinks 3 pools, second stays for the rest of the fight, except if it's a healer. 3rd one drinks zero, and both the 2nd and 3rd start stacking debuffs on boss when the 3rd interrupts Monstrosity's explosion.
    Kill Monstrosity before the next explosion.
    P3 nukezergwhatever.

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    For us:

    Phase 1 last 3 reshapes. For the first 2 reshapes each tank drinks 1 pool. We deliberately hold dps to about 5-10 seconds after the 3rd reshape before we push phase 2. Tank reshaped here will be a construct for the remainder of the fight.

    Phase 2, tank construct alternates stacking debuffs on the boss and the monstosity, with priority going to the boss. Subsequent reshapes stack on the monstrosity. Healers break immediately following an interrupt, dps break when they are low on energy.

    Phase 3 burn. Orbs are practically irrelevant, just kite them out. phase doesn't last long enough for them to matter.

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    Your mileage may very and it largely depends on who is actually good at constructs but there are lots of ways to do the encounter.

    What I wouldn't suggest is a strategy where P3 lasts any length of time. The orbs in P3 are incredibly buggy and they can cross paths and absolutely not 'harmlessly detonate'.

    We stack the boss high in P1 and burn him to 20-30% and just kite beacons in P3 while the boss dies. This way requires you to have a really fast P2 though as enrage does creep up on you when you spend over 5 minutes in P1.

    Our tanks were excellent at constructs and we would have opted for the perma construct strategy (which is probably the safest considering your tanks have the most practice with it). We ended up not doing it based on our composition though. Running with 4 melee with that many extra adds up is a lot of damage when you factor in stomps and flings stun. Also with that many melee if a range/healer gets constructed amber shaper CAN and WILL sometimes target the constructed person.

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    So if you have 1 tank perma construct in phase 2, what happens when the boss flings the remaining tank? On normal when his happened a DPS got attacked by the monstrosity.

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    Plate DPS, kiting or defensive CDs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    So if you have 1 tank perma construct in phase 2, what happens when the boss flings the remaining tank? On normal when his happened a DPS got attacked by the monstrosity.
    if you have a holy or ret paly, monk dps or healer, or warrior dps or even a pro resto druid let them taunt 2 sec before fling and they will get flung without getting melee'ed. then the tank taunts back.

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    Make a tank permeconstructed and always have him doing and learning the job, depending on who you get constructed 1st you will need to push the boss in 3-4 or even 5 reshapes.
    What we did was that the tanks drink 1 pool each if we pushed in 3 , or 1 the 1st conscructed then 2 each when pushing in 4.
    The permaconscructed tank should stack on both boss and monstruosity while keeping his energy up, the further morphed ppl should only stack on monstruosity and interrupt it. We had our whole raid with weakauras/tellmewhen tracking debuffs for both boss and the add so the conscructs could help (in our kill i was the random costruct and refreshed a stack which was about to fade on the boss when the tank called he was to far away) that helped us alot imho.
    Finally we had our DK dps taunting a couple of seconds b4 fling.
    with our current dps (2 tanks 2 heals) we Bled at around 12 stacks on the monstruosity and killed it just b4 the 3rd construct.
    Ph3 is cakewalk if your reach it with 35+ stacks on boss.

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    Just killed this 2 hours after our first ever pull...was really underwhelming after spending a full week on Vizier.

    Phase 1: 3 reshapes, drink 2 pools each

    Phase 2: Tank stays in the construct, alternates between boss and monstrosity. Whoever else gets constructed interrupts and stacks monstrosity. Tank eats as many pools as he needs, no one else does.

    Phase 3: Kite the orbs, burn it.

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    Thank you all for the input. I like the permanent tank idea and I'll be pushing for that strat next week.

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