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    Shadow Dance in Solo PvE

    I have been recently experimenting with the Sub spec and am having a lot of fun with the burst it brings for solo play out in the world.
    (I have not done any raiding in this spec and don't think I will anytime soon.)

    But the basic question I have is this; Does Shadow Dance have any usefulness when fighting anything solo?

    I get that it allows you to use Ambush while not in stealth, but the positional requirement of Ambush still applies, so unless a tank has aggro on your target you can't get behind your target to use the Ambush.

    What am I missing here? Are there good uses of Shadow Dance in solo play that I'm not thinking of? Or am I just thinking of it incorrectly?

    It just seems like a waste of a level 80 talent. The other specs have Vendetta and Killing Spree which can obviously be used in any situation.


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    Have you tried using cheap shot whilst in shadow dance?
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    You can still use garrote (for silence and activating SV) or cheap shot. They both apply find weakness. You can proceed with ambushing once you stun your target with cheap shot.

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    My favorite thing to do is apply Kidney Shot, then SD, Ambushx4. With Berserking up, make that Ambushx5.
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