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    About a MMOChampion member...

    Hi everyone. I apologize for the long read, and i'll let you decide whether if it's worthy of a reply or not.

    Recently, i have read a thread, "What do you do to entertain yourself in MoP?" (or something along these lines) and so i went ahead and clicked, since i'm always interested in seeing what others do in their WoW freetime to compare.

    However, as i was scrolling down to read the replies, i noticed answers like, "I do arena, raid, LFR, a random scenario. But then again it's a Jaylock thread, so whatever". I went back up and indeed it was a discussion started by said user.
    I went on reading the replies, now a lot of them had the "Heh, it's him" line at the bottom, some replies even just focused on that and didn't bother replying to OP at all.

    Admins would post to say "Stop the Jaylock bashing", until, if i'm correct, the thread was closed due to this bashing.

    Now, i'm relatively new around here and didn't know what is going on with this particular MMOChampion member, but looking through his started threads, it would seem that people say he's, to say so, always ready to jump in when it comes to debates like Alliance vs Horde or pros/cons regarding MoP.
    In fact his threads seemed to revolve around these topics, but after reading them a bit, it didn't look like he was being impolite, he was having normal discussions; every now and then the "Heh, Jaylock" line at the bottom would show up.

    So i figured i missed something since, as i said, i haven't always been a member.

    Now, i don't know if this type of thread is against the rules and i absolutely do not want to start a "bashing thread", but i've been thinking about this for quite a long time now, and overall my question looks legit to me, and so here it is:

    -What has happened in the past with this user, and how did he earn his reputation?

    I apologize if this is not the kind of thread one can write on here. I'm speaking out of curiosity and i'd like to get through it. Please keep it polite.

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    This kind of thread is against the rules, yes. Naming and shaming is not allowed here, and we don't allow people to discuss other posters in this fashion.

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