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    Would you pay to play on a vanilla server?

    Let's be honest here people. Would you actually do the whole vanilla thing with the old vanilla rulesets? I'm talking weapon skill leveling..healer pigeon-holing, respeccing costs and training costs. Maybe you will get your class review during one of those old raids. Would you be able to get grand marshall in bg's?

    Actually would a healer/decursor even sign up for this punishment in this day and age? Who would want to farm for days for flasks/mats wierd ass buffs from certain zones/dungeons only to get tier2/2.5/3?

    I loved my vanilla days don't get me wrong..but that stuff is long gone and for a reason.

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    I'm sure there's somebody out there who would pay for it, but seeing that there's so many private servers doing it I doubt it would be commercially successful.

    That said though, I'm not totally against the idea like most in the community. If people want it and are willing to pay for it, more power to them. I couldn't care less because I sure wouldn't sign up for that torture. If that's your thing though, wonderful, knock yourself out.

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    No. I would hate going back to vanilla nowadays. I really don't see the allure of it. Everything takes forever, and how many times can you run the vanilla raids? I ran them enough during vanilla.
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    I would do it just for the nostalgia.

    But it would get boring really fast.

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    I really wouldn't find it worth it, even if it was free. I'd certainly never pay for a "Vanilla server."

    Classic Warcraft was great-- but I've played that game already. I actually enjoy the fact that the game keeps changing and I get to experience new content every handful of month. I wouldn't want to have to replay an entire expansion's (or more, considering Classic was the basic game, not an expansion) worth of old content.

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    I do not condone using private servers and such, but what I can say is that I did that some time back (played 1,5 years total on that server). Had a lot of fun doing so as well.

    PS: I do not want an infraction/warning for that comment, just answered the question.

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    I'd pay NOT to play on a vanilla server... O wait.

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    No, and I wouldn't even if it was free.
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    Maybe to check it out. Might be a big of fun for the first few days.
    Not sure of the longevity of it though.

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    Would absolutely love to, didnt get to play it as much as I wanted to.

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    Like Daetur Said. I already played Vanilla WoW, It was fun but I already played it.

    I would 'not' pay for a classic server no. I would like to see one to just to walk around, Look at old stormwind and go "Ah, Good memories, But god this boring" and look at how things were 'back then' and then go play current WoW (MoP)

    Because while Vanilla was great, There was no flying mounts, No dailies, Leveling was a pain in the ass, Gold was a pain in the ass to get, The graphics were absolutely horrible.

    If you wanted to do a dungeon you would have to sit in Stormwind/Org (OMG LIKE YOU DO NOW) and wait for 4 other people to say "Sure I'll go" and then 2 of you take the super long flight path because everyone else is too lazy to get there themselves.

    Looking at Old Vanilla WoW and the lack of convinces compared to now? I would never 'Fully' go back to Vanilla, Other than to just mess around.

    Deny it all you want, WoW has had MANY great changes added to it since Vanilla
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    I wouldn't pay for it but I would definitely roll a 2h enhance shaman as that was the most fun I ever had playing this game. Also no resilience which ruined PVP in my opinion.

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    I don't get why people just don't stop leveling at 60 and run the raids. They are all still in the game minus old naxx.

    Have hours of fun, running UBRS over and over again.
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    NO. No I would not pay to go back to vanilla. Nor BC, nor Wrath, or Cata. Been there, done that content.

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    Yes I would pay 50 euro max per month for it.

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    No, you would have to pay me to play on a vanilla server.

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    Good god no.

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    every one of my key strokes is actually a brush stroke on the canvas that is the off-topic forum
    Only thing I miss from those days was the community. God it was fun making a good reputation for yourself and seeing those same hated horde players out in the world or in the BG.

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    Hell no. People are always like "Vanilla was so much better than WoW is now". But i don't agree at all. People believe it was so great because of nostalgia, and many of us were very young when we played Vanilla (around 12), so in the eyes of a kid it was probably a better game than one would see it now.
    I wouldn't mind going back to Wotlk or Cata though. I liked my Warlock gameplay better then.

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    No, that ship has sailed for me. It would be cool for a minute, but that feeling won't come back.

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