This is mainly a PvP oriented thread, and yes I'll be crying a bit about the current state of elemental and enhancement.

Like anyone who's been on the receiving end of a shaman popping ascendance and other burst cooldowns,we can put out a lot of burst in a short window of opportunity, we're great at scoring kills when our enemy has literally _nothing_ left to do. The problem is just forcing those defensives in the first place.

I play a lot of elemental and I dabble in enhancement, and we simply have next to no utility. Our totems were supposed to be our wide range of utility, which is actually garbage. Our selfhealing is terrible (30% healing reduction and further debuffs from rogues/warriors/monks etc.)

Totems still have 5 hp and are easily targetted and killed (lol capacitor has a huge lightning bolt animation that's picked up immediately by any decent player, and 1-shot, even with the 5% hp glyph, it's killed instantly, and the timer is way off, I port my totems @ 1 sec and it doesn't affect anyone)

How come everyone else are getting dispel protection for their important stuff, but my ''utility'' is destroyed by anyone, instantly?

We have the weakest CC in the game, capacitor is killed instantly, hex is removed by non-healers and is still on a 45 second cooldown, and earthbind was nerfed to sh*t, frost shock root is nice but DRs and is easily dispellable/freedom'd.

Our interrupt is average, but still much worse than it used to be (used to be 5 sec CD, locks out for 2 seconds, now a 12 second CD that locks out for 3)

Not going to touch the subject of average survivability, because we're getting shamanistic rage which'll help it a lot, but it still doesn't do much.

We don't match any other class in terms of gap closing, survival, CC, Interrupts, mobility and being able to damage on the fly (elemental).

But my biggest beef, out of all of them, is that elemental and enhancement has to suffer because resto was particularly good this season, as the blanket totem nerf hit them even harder than resto. Horrible design choice. What's a rogue that can't blind because he's disarmed? What's a retri pala who can't hammer because he's disarmed? What's a hunter that can't disengage because he's disarmed?

Not only is our utility sh*t, but it's also disabled when we're locked out of our nature school or just blanket silenced.

I feel like I'm playing a second-rate class.