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    [H] Refusion 25man @ Grim Batol is recruiting.

    Refusion, the hottest thing since disco, and also one of Grim Batols oldest guilds has reopened recruitment.
    At the moment we are searching for the following classes/specs:

    Recruiting:All classes!!

    Refusion was originally formed on the Burning Blade server and migrated to Grim Batol when it was impossible to raid on BB anymore. Regarded as one of the better PVE guilds on the Horde side, we are hoping to recruit individuals who will help us on our journey through the upcoming Raids. Over the years the guild's core has more or less stuck together and have a formed a very tight bond. We have players from all over the world (including Pakistan, omg?) who excel at both PVE and PVP and therefore can guarantee a very friendly and enjoyable raiding environment.

    We'll only accept exceptional players, we already have sixty & slugslinger.We expect you to know bosses, current content and your own class and be a competative player. You have to speak AND understand english. Your timezone cant be more then GMT+2 and less then GMT-1 unless you clearly shine. Another small thing, you also have to have power 24/7. No powergenerators allowed.

    If you decide on applying to Refusion, please read our "before you app"-thread before posting your app. Make sure you get most of those points in your application, +1 bonuspoint for em all. Although Vanilla/TBC Raiding experience is a big plus on applications (wotlk sucked!), we are willing to look over such a requirement but you must have cleared the current raiding content (either on 10man or 25man).

    The guild’s raiding schedule is as follows (which can be changed depending on need):

    Wednesdays 19:30-23:00
    Thursday 19:30-23:00
    Sunday 19:30-23:00
    And while progressing:
    Monday 19:30-23:00
    Tuesday 19:30-23:00

    Should you need any other information feel free to contact :
    Wargh, Sixtyseven, Hjørdis, Bluewind, Bobbylight or Slugslinger ingame.

    If you want to keep your application a secret, just PM it to any of the officers named above on our forums.

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    Bumping this for good measure!

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