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    People "from the 80s" don't necessarily had to have been born in the 80s. It's the time frame in which you grew up. So a guy born in 1975 was most certainly a 80s kid and he'd be closing in on 40. Tell me, do you really recall that much from before you were 5 or 6? I know I really don't, I recall some memories and have a general vague hazy picture of my years during age 4-6 but not with much clarity.

    Kids "from the 80s" were born in 1974-1983. Later then that and I'd say you're more of a 90s kid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    Also love how people are neglecting the amount of revolutions/freedom of information issues and cross cultural boundaries that have been shattered due to same internet. Arab kids speaking to American kids online and playing games together? Yeh, try doing that back in 1985...
    I'm born 1972 and the internet is one of the best things that ever happened. It's the first time in the history of mankind that we can communicate instantly with the whole world. The internet and the information age is the best weapon against dicatorship and massive human right violations. Knowledge is power.

    I was 13 years old in 1985 and was trying to communicate with people from USA via the Bulleting Board System. It was very expensive and very exciting. I was using a 2400 bps modem. For comparison, a DSL 10 MBit line is 500 times faster.

    When I was born the film "Computer Networks: The Heralds of Resource Sharing" was created. It had a vision and now the vision is reality, it's even better than the vision.

    I recommend everyone born 1990 and later to watch this to understand how awesome and fast the developement has been. Now imagine beeing there when every major breakthrough became reality.

    It's a blessing and wonderful to be part of this history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikiy View Post
    Let's not even mention the fact that the average intelligence of the population always increases with time. There is no way a whole generation can be dumber than the previous one.

    So yeah, as I said, it's only the more ignorant and intolerant ones among the older generation experiencing the superiority complex.

    Actually, there was some interesting work in this area in the UK, which showed that there were several competing effects on average intelligence. Low-int people tend to have more children, which pushes avg int down, while nutrition is still pushing int up. It's not impossible for avg int to fall from generation to generation.

    But int as measured by IQ test is a limited subset of the talents and inclinations that over time make up real world effectiveness. I think things like the mobile phone, the Internet and its effect on the difficulty of acquiring knowledge and skill, and maybe the influence of screen-based activities at an early age definitely have an effect on the peripheral things around IQ which act to multiply intelligence into skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayburner View Post
    the music and attitude.
    The music from the 80s makes you think people were smart then?
    You need help.

    I mean, there was some good rock back then and the occasional iconic pop/electro band. But most I remember is strange hairdo and Spandex. On MEN!

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    My great grandparents said every generation after theirs was terrible.
    My grandparents say every generation after theirs is terrible.
    My parents say every generation after theirs is terrible.
    I say every generation after mine is terrible.

    You can see where it is going. :P

    Also I've seen the clothes, style and appearance of people from the 80's i wouldn't really consider that to be the "enlightened" generation :S

    Why do all machines and equipment from 80's/ 90's have a strange colour to them? Kind of like a mucky cream...makes everything look dirty :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisKoe View Post
    The music from the 80s makes you think people were smart then?
    You need help.
    I mean, there was some good rock back then and the occasional iconic pop/electro band. But most I remember is hairdo and Spandex. On MEN!
    Agreed, they looked stupid but it sounded awesome. The heavy influence from the (also awesome) 70s and the new electronic instruments made the sound very unique and rich.

    Nice Examples: Queen, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson (Thriller, the most sold album on the world, was released 1982)

    On the other hand:
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    I think what it is, is that people from older generations have more common sense than people today. Today common sense is extinct anymore. Back then there were no i-phones or i-pads to figure things out for them they actually used their brains and figured things out themselves. Nowadays people's faces are glued to their media devices and become so dependent on them that they stop using their brains and they literally can't live without them and I find that so ridiculous. I think people from older generations such as the 80's and 90's are just wiser than the generation today, overall.

    Being 21 and living in this time and seeing the things I see, makes me wish I was born earlier like back in the 60's or something so I can live through the GOOD times. I hate this generation.
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    I'm sure this has something to do with the Go-Go's

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    Quote Originally Posted by PizzaSHARK View Post
    Well, you don't live in America... land of the ignorant, some would say
    Our sociaty has gone in the opposit direction I think, just my general experience though, it's more competative, less solidarity, generally just a harsher climate in sociaty as a whole. More winners and more losers. Not sure if it's good or bad, havn't made up my mind on that yet.

    When I was a kid you never saw any homeless people for example, now you got people begging on the street(eastern europeans, swedish homelessness is still really rare). A lot of good things have happend in my lifetime though but I think the colder climate in sociaty has made people less considerate of others and I think it's important that people realize that so that they don't get left behind on the sidewalk.

    It used to be "Look after your own house first... then see what you can do for others".
    Now it's more like "Look after your own house first... and then see what you can gain from helping out others".

    There is just less room nowdays for idealism and humanism.
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    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    ITT people people who think teenagers today are stupid because they can't perform at the same mental level as someone twice or thrice their age.

    Also ITT people who think they were somehow different...smarter, and more focused when their parents would probably have a slightly different opinion.
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    People have become to dependent on mobile devices/computers/any other similar staff because nowadays if you ever come across a problem you can just look it up on the internet and most likely find a solution, you dont have to think for yourself. why bother thinking about something when someone has already found a solution for your problem.

    In pure intelligence i doubt people have become less intelligent. The difference is in problem solving, (yey, inc WOW reference) when you solve a problem you gain exp->more xp=level up->easier content. So basicly the more problems you solve the more theres a bigger chance you'll be able to solve other problems cause you are used to that way of thinking.

    So i'd say base intelligence of ppl from '80 and newer generations is the same. The problem solving is the only difference.

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    Umm, I highly doubt it. Can't just generalise this by saying shit like "all the teens I've met are stupid and have no direction in life", 'cause you don't know enough teens to make a statement that will cover the whole of todays younger generation. Then again, I can't really argue against it 'cause I have no idea, but like I said, I doubt we're actually dumber today.

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    Comparing a teen with an adult... I can see nothing wrong in that... oh wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlySteve View Post
    I don't know about anyone else, but I was born in 1983 and my wife's younger sister and her boyfriend think I'm an F'ing Rocket Scientist!

    I will admit to having a wide band of skills from electronics, to cars, to guns, to building houses, to being an artist, etc. etc... I'm good at a LOT of things because I never wanted to depend on anyone myself. I make sure I can work with everything I'm interested in.

    However, any time I talk to them about ANYTHING they just say, "I don't get it, I don't know, I don't understand, blah blah blah"... It's like I was born on another planet.

    Also, I might add that my generation didn't have as much 'instant' gratification in entertainment. I had to 'make' things to do and figure things out myself. I didn't have an iPhone or the internet until I was almost 18 and then it was a brick phone and shit dial-up. Everything from their generation has NOTHING to do with patience or appreciation or knowledge or respect. Its all, "I want it now" and "I'm bored" and "I already did that. Its boring"... what a nightmare.

    The amount of things they know is minimal at best. I received a 32 on my act while two of my friends received a 36 so I felt dumb... they just received their results and they had a 15 and a 17... and apparently that's normal in their school. I didn't say anything to them... but man... O_o

    Edit: I'd also like to add, I always felt the previous generations to me had important information that I should try to absorb. The generations after me seem to put ZERO value on anything I or my predecessors know... and yet depend on me ALL the time to do EVERYTHING for them...
    I'd have to agree with other people that you are being overly pessimistic. You are looking at outliers and claiming they are the majority, then turn around compare yourself to them when actual you are also an outlier(on the opposite side of the spectrum). A 32 isn't a normal ACT score, it is well above average while a 17 is slightly below average. (National Average is 21.1 for the US). Not to feed your ego but you are above average and the two scores you said people you know are below average. These things happen not everyone is smart and not everyone can take tests very well. There is a lot of outside pressure that revolves around the ACT and it does get to some people.

    So comparing you(above average) to someone else who is also above average of this generation would be more appropriate. I'm only 20 so I would consider myself part of the "current" generation. I scored a 29 on my ACT, the way I dress is irrelevant really, I'm male and I don't dress anything like a female(also irrelevant), I usually have longer hair that if combed out straight can cover my eyes(yet again irrelevant), I don't act "retarded" in public but I will admit my personality changes around my friends(mostly irrelevant, I'll give it some merit though), there are quite a lot of girls that got pregnant in my high school (I think 5 or 6 throughout all 4 years), I know of a handful of people that didn't graduate on time but came back next semester and finished school, and as far as looking at phones another irrelevant thing. I don't see people "crashing" into each other all the time, probably only once or twice and I myself have never done it.

    As far as instant gratification and the internet and other electronics are concerned how are they at all related to intelligence? My father failed to understand why everyday I wasn't outside doing something with my friends. There are different things to occupy peoples time now than there were 30 years ago. Just because it is different doesn't mean what you did is better than what I do.

    Back to clothes again, what does being well dressed have to do with being intelligent? The smartest friend I have wears video game t-shirts and jeans regularly. (If you need his credentials he got a 35 on the ACT twice, and two perfects and a mid 500 on the SAT.) I hardly see anyone on my college campus walking around in dress shirts, vests, suits, ties and other nice clothes other than teachers.

    I think one of the other posters hit it on the head. You yourself are just boring to people of this generation. Also as I pointed out you aren't the average person from your generation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karazee View Post
    People from the 90's and later were (are) raised with much less discipline and many more distractions (cell phones, text messaging, the internet). Therefore, they're dumber because they put in less work on their education when they're young.
    I think there's a little truth to this. People worldwide have been getting dumber the last years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    How are you meeting 40 year old people from the 80s? Assuming they're born in 1980, then add 40 and you get 2020. Are we in 2020? I thought it was 2013.
    O_o what are you on about
    80's generation was born in the 70s, 90s generation born in the 80s, 2000s in the 90s and so forth.
    Until you are about 10 it doesnt really count towards shaping you culturally, so give it a lag.

    At op: they are adults and have life experience.... biggest difference there.
    Also the 80s were in some parts an era of "extremes" which was quite good i guess to shape open minds.

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    English is tough.

    Being "from" the 80s would mean you were born "in" the 80s. Not in the 70s.

    Born in 82 and I'm a genius. For that matter, maybe some folks should look up the actual Generation X time period, which extends up to '83.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scvd View Post
    You're not "from" the 80's then, you're a 90's person.
    No, he is "from" the 80s. He might have matured in the 90s, but he is from the 80s.

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    1982 here, just appears people born 1995+ were educated by different standards, have had access to the internet since they could crawl and seem to have lost their wonder about things, as it's offered on a plate.

    A lot is down to parenting and schooling, and schooling has changed so much (here in the UK) it appears less to educate and inspire them and more to make sure they tick the boxes of whatever cirriculum is in favour.

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    Every generation is getting dumber. Aside from the hippies, people in the 70's are smarter than people in the 80's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadwix View Post
    Every generation is getting dumber. Aside from the hippies, people in the 70's are smarter than people in the 80's.
    Bold claim to make there with absolutely no proof to back it up.

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