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    Townlong Steppes

    Is it at all possible to start questing in the Townlong zone before hitting 88? My friend SWEARS she could quest there at 87 but the only quest icon I see is greyed out. Quest also greyed out at Winters Blossom. I'm about 60% through level 87 atm.


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    No. You need to be 88 to pick up the quests in Townlong Steppes. They'll be grey to you otherwise.

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    Ok weird. I just got my monk to a shade b4 leveling to 88. Took her to Winters Blossom & the quest there was still greyed out. Discovered 1 thing to hit 88 & it was STILL greyed out. Went into steppes & now the quest there is yellow. So I wonder IF my friend got the breadcrumb quest to open WB hub & that maybe let her quest in TS?

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