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    I usually never buy stuff over 100, simply because, as a student, I'd rather not go hungry. My most expensive pieces of clothing, however, are over 100 (one particular item is WELL over a 100), but I always manage to have them offered to me for birthdays and christmas and shit.

    For example I got a leather jacket this christmas, and being that I have been looking for one that fit for well over a year and a half (apparently I have a weirdly shaped upper body with extra long arms...), and putting money and christmas and birthday 'credit' aside for that single purpose, I could overlook the fact that I would have had to sell a few body parts to pay for it otherwise.

    Point being, sometimes, the importance of the price diminishes greatly when said piece of clothing fits perfectly etc etc. Sometimes, it just is worth it

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    If a piece of clothing costs more than $25, it's not worth getting.

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    Yes, on cycling jerseys.

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    Sometimes yeah I've spent 100 plus on clothes. I spend allot on jeans because if they are quality then they break in really well and can last for years. Shoes are also another big expense. My dress boots were about $500 and my work boots were about $200. The only other expensive clothing items I own are a couple of jackets and a suit. On the other hand my around and about attire is pretty cheap. I wear a pair of thongs that cost 20$ and most of my shirts and shorts are about 10-15 a piece.

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    With a few, rare, exceptions I almost never buy my own clothing. Rather I've reached the age where I just request certain items (jeans, a nice shirt, ect) for my birthday or Christmas.

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    Easily, thats "only" 660 SEK. I don't care too much about brands, Jackets and Shoes are an exception, but $100 isn't that much for a shirt or a pair of jeans. I try to buy shirts etc on sale if I can though.

    I don't want to know what the norwegians pay for clothes. ;P

    Cheap Monday is a brand that works ok for the every day kind of Jeans(the kind you don't care too much about) imo... it's cheap, they look pretty good and they last for a decent period of time.

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    NEVER, but only because i can't afford to. If i had the money the websites Infectious Threads and Lip Service would get hit HARD!

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    nope. never. more than $30 I feel like i'm wasting a ton of money. I bought a couple winter jackets lately for about $60 though.
    If i was looking into like suits maybe but I don't need any so I don't have to spend that money

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    Nope, never have. I'm a t-shirts and khakis kinda guy generally speaking, plain tennis shoes(my current pair has lasted me like 7 years and cost $30) I don't wear sweaters or jackets(I live in Texas so it's rarely cold by anyone's standards, and since I don't consider it cold unless I'm in below freezing temps for an extended period of time...), nor do I wear suits generally speaking. I have a couple of nicer looking button up shirts for job interviews or anything more "formal" than just going to the grocery story/range/hanging with friends but even those didn't cost much.

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    I take that back... I bought a pair of Harley Davidson brand boots when i lived in Chicago for $175 on sale LMAO

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    Jackets, and I have had shoes that got close to 100$, but not over.
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    shoes i normally spend about 120 maximum. i don't buy cheap shoes because i find them uncomfortable and they wear out very quickly, have very heavy soles, good brand skate shoes are the only shoes i will wear.

    i would never spend over 100 on a tshirt, will spend about 60 dollars on a tshirt if it is one that i really like but i normally stick to cheaper t shirts

    i will spend up to around 100 on jeans if they are good ones that i like, but i normally opt for ones on sale to save money. dont really care about brand with jeans either

    things like jackets i will spend a bit more money on.
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    Generaly i find less expensive cloths to last as long as expensive ones im not going to spend 100$ for something i can buy for lower price. I dont care about the brand at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shocktopuslol View Post
    shoes i normally spend about 120 maximum. i don't buy cheap shoes because i find them uncomfortable and they wear out very quickly,
    I can't speak to your personal comfort, but my $30 shoes have lasted 7 years without issue(and I at least find them comfortable).

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    Heeeeeeeeellllll no. Fuck, for $100 I could get several pairs of jeans lol.

    The most expensive piece of clothing I ever bought was a full length, calf leather, silk interior black trench coat in Thailand. Spent a whopping $325 on it. According to a leather goods store in Cali, they priced the coat around $3k lol. And I thought I was paying out the ass at $325!

    I also go YEARS without getting new clothes. Hell, I'm currently wearing a long sleeve shirt that barely has cuffs on it anymore, they're so worn out and frayed. I think I've had this thing probably 15 years or more now. I also have two pairs of pants hanging in my closet that still have all their tags on them, I haven't even worn them yet lol. I can fit every article of clothing I own into a duffel bag, and still have room for shoes!

    I don't usually get 'new' clothes unless they were gifts. I tend to get my stuff second hand; either from friends, or from places like Goodwill (which I also work at). I do have a set of 'interview' clothes, and even though I got them from Goodwill, they could easily fake people into believing I spent a lot of money on them lol. I keep those in a dry cleaner bag, hanging in my closet...I think getting them dry cleaned cost more than the whole set did :-)
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    Most of my clothes cost between $10 and $20. I shop at Walmart a lot. Khols sometimes when they have sales. I do own a suit that cost something around $300 total for interviews and such. I've never paid more than $30 for a piece of clothing that I wear on a regular basis.

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    I can spent over 100€ on a jacket, shoes or a suit.
    Anything else is a no go.

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    Maybe a good jacket it but that I would not technically call that clothing persay.
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    For pants and jackets certainly. Anything else I usually buy as a 3 for 2 deal.
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    I have once for a suit if that counts. For normal clothes I usually just buy whats at Target or Walmart. I wear it because the law says I have to, not for the fashion.

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