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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass - Thread

    So I decided to create this thread because there's 2 guest passes per Diablo III. So just post here if you want one - or are willing to give away yours

    So I got 2 that I can give away, just PM me and I'll give them to you

    Mod Edit: Just to remind people that we do not allow selling of products on here, please don't post to try and sell a guest pass (or anything else). Editing this into the original post for visibility as my in-thread warnings are easily missed. Please only post in this thread once and state the region you are looking for a pass for.
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    I'm after a guest pass if anyone would be so kind, I didn't make into beta and would really like to try it before I buy it, as I'm a latecomer to the gaming community and never got play D1 or 2 in its hayday

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    Id like one to test the game as i cant afford to buy for now

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    I'd like one if someone has got!
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    I would be forever grateful if anyone can spare a guest pass.

    I sadly do not get paid until Thursday (the suspense is killing me).

    I'd PM someone but can't until I reach 10 posts.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can send me one

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    Looking for 1 guest pass now, will give back 3 when I get my CE box!

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    Looking for a guess pass too. I dont get paid till 24th Would be very appreciated.

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    I would be happy if someone could give me a guest pass.

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    it would be awesome if some1 can send me 1!!!! pretty plz!

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    I would like one aswell

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    I would be happy if someone please sent me one as well!

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    Would love to get one too. If anyone's got a spare please don't be afraid to PM.

    Edit: Got 1 from friend, no need to send me.
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    Looking for a guest pass too. I dont get my game before friday so I would appreciate this ! Thanks for advance !

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    the game will arrive to my country in june.. so plz can i have one! lol

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    I would kill to get a guest pass!
    Been playing D1 and D2 since I were a little kid, and now on release, I can't afford it

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    CE didn't come in time won't be here till tommorrow will trade SC2 EU code for it

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    Is it only the CE that has guest passes?

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    I would like a guest pass to test if my computer can handle the game before buying it, please help me out, you would be saving me £30 . If it works I will send you a pass and maybe more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nulir View Post
    CE didn't come in time won't be here till tommorrow will trade SC2 EU code for it
    A Guest pass for a SC2 game. LoL I think not.

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    Really wanting to get this game, but probably won't be able to afford for a few more weeks. Would be very appreciative if some kind willing soul would send a guest pass my way!

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