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    No kidding, when I started my little alt guild for storage, I just asked in general chat if anyone would do it and I didn't pay them anything and they didn't ask for anything. It was just a quick and easy favour.

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    I'm so lost... He paid the same person twice for a signature when it's only 1 guild sign per account
    and now it's blizzards fault somehow? It's 3am here so maybe I'm missing something but all I see
    is someone who made a mistake and now expects someone else to fix it and take the blame.
    And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

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    So you gave someone 2k on accident and expect GMs to help you with that?

    Yeah... You're definitely not going to win this one.
    Uses the same signature for over a year, just randomly gets infracted for it recently.
    Placeholder signature is placeholder and will hopefully make me finish my shit.
    Oh yeah, I'm a Druid and stuff.
    I also made a spreadsheet for the Order Hall.

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