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    About Redbull, and other energy drinks.

    Lately in the media, atleast in Norway. There have been some huge debats about Redbull, Burn and all those energy drinks and all the kids drinking them, and most likely being addicted to the stuff.
    Most stores have made a rule to not sell to kids under 14, though this is not controlled by the law or anything. And I work as a gass station, and made my boss put up a sign saying the same thing.

    But as I said; lately there have been alot of focus on this in the media. And is it realy that bad? Why are we selling it then, as it seems to be very addictive and dangerous for your body.

    What do you guys think about this type of drinks? Are the media making them worse than what they are? And how dangerous are they compared to coffee?
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    You probably get a million opinions on what is "dangerous". Luckily I cannot stand the taste. I find the amount of sugar in softdrinks generally problematic. As for the rest in it...I am no scientist...

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    Having worked for an energy drink label for three years, I know quite a few things about the market.

    For instance, I know they push their drinks to the legal limit when it comes to ingredients. The drink I worked for, that was sold in Holland, was a lot less strong than the same drink sold in America for instance.

    So, if they put in just enough chemicals to not be illegal... and kids start hammering them away like it's water, then yes: It can be sort of dangerous.

    Differs per body type clearly, but I've heard and seen some pretty bad things happen to people. Just glad I never had any issues with it, as it was the only free drink I always had in my car... = drink 2 litres a day.

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    You say why do they sell it then? well because there's a market for it and the producers make money of it. So they don't care. What about alcohol and cigarettes, they aren't removed from the market aswell. Why? because people buy it and they make money of it.

    And yes of course too much energy is dangerous. You even could die from it if you drink too much of it!

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    I don't know how prevalent addiction is, but I can honestly say I wish I'd never laid a hand on an energy drink... I started out with Monster and now I've made my way to Rockstar.. It's a black hole in my wallet and a real downer on my health. When I'm not drinking them, I've got no energy and tire easily. I've done a little reading that suggests it could be partly to blame for my depression because it keeps your body from producing it's own whatever stuff. It's by far my biggest expense (aside from rent) and I really wish I could just stop drinking them. I've tried a few times, not very hard because I can't truly convince myself that it's necessary. I've yet to be successful.

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    I'm not sure that energy drinks increase the prevalence of addiction, however I would not be adverse to more investigation into the effects of massive amounts of caffeine and other chemicals that are in those drinks on kids and adolescents.

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    So one thing is sure, the amount of chemicals and suggar in it, is what makes it "dangerous"? And the addiction comes from the energy boost you gain.
    Because I need to say, it's kinda upsetting seeing those kids from 14-18 drinking several boxes of it each day. Though I shouldnt speak to bad about it, as I've been a smoker since I was 16, and a coffee drinker just as long.
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    I dont really "feel" anything from drinking it. I have tried a few times as "Omg stay up all night, expansion", but they dont do anything really. Coffe however wakes me up. But i dont like the taste, so i dont drink it.

    I don't know how bad it is for kids to drink it, but i don't see a problem with it. They can choose to do it if they want to(as in 15+), even if there was an age limit of 18, they would just get someone to buy it for them. (Like they do with ciggaretts).
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    I really dislike the taste of those energydrinks.

    About the "dangerous" parts, might be because the insane amount of caffeine and sugar, which afaik will get your heartrate up nicely (might be untrue though). If that is true, than one can die because of drinking too many of it. People will get addicted to it, because of the caffeine aswell. They might drink too many a day and in too large quantities, everything is dangerous.

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    There was a recent case here where some school children pumped down the "shot" sized cans. They had some where between 5 - 10 each, effectively having 3-4 coffees in a matter of seconds. It resulted in some of them having heart palpitations and one girl admitted to hospital although she did have a pre-existing condition.

    This is where the danger exists being marketed as an alternative to say, coke etc but having the amount of caffeine as a regular coffee and here atleast you can get the huge cans that have the same as 2.5 cups of coffee and people treat them the same as a can of coke. Of course everything is dangerous if you over indulge but the way these energy drinks are marketed they seem to slip under the radar with just how much caffeine they actually contain and tie that with peoples lack of personal responsibility to read the contents and you have people drinking way more than they should.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonslid View Post
    Why are we selling it then, as it seems to be very addictive and dangerous for your body.
    This quote applies to cigaretts aswell, but still its totally fine to use them. See the similarity?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reak71 View Post
    This quote applies to cigaretts aswell, but still its totally fine to use them. See the similarity?
    Well, yeah of course. But cigarettes are atleast 18+, energy drinks are 14+ in Norway. But yeah, thats a valid point.
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    Afaik there is no age restriction to buy energy drinks where I live, but there was an extended period of time where Red Bull was removed from convenience stores because the caffeine in it exceeded the limit set in place by the law. The limit was since altered (removed?) and now every single convenience store is filled with energy drinks of all kinds. I might drink an energy drink once in a while if I feel really low on energy (though I prefer coffee) but addiction to energy drinks doesn't seem very common here.
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    Alcohol and tobacco is legal, and afaik energy drinks have far less side effects than these.
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    If there is such an issue that underage children are purchasing these products legally, why not make them illegal? If they were illegal for under 18, they would be in the same boat as tobacco and alcohol (21+ here in the states).

    Honestly though, society as a whole coddles stupidity and our gene pool will suffer as a result.

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    There's nothing i despise more than someone who wants to tell other people what they're allowed to eat, drink, or smoke. All you little dictators should get out of other peoples lives unless you're talking about your own children.

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    In Sweden a lot stors/supermarkets have the age limit at 18, a bit crazy but I think its good they put limits.
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    I absolutely love them it's my favorite type of drink. Unlucky I don't like the taste of coffee even though I like the smell so it is nice to find an alternative. In Denmark they are pretty legal but there has been much talk about banishing it because "insert-lame-reason".

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    if anything blame the parents for giving them permission, money and driving them or allowing them to walk to a local BP station or gas station

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    I should add that I do find energy drinks delicious. Terrible for you (especially for myself with high blood pressure) but delicious. Being an adult I should be able to do whatever I like with my body so long as it doesn't infringe on anybody else's right to live freely.

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